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Oct 22, 2006 01:27 AM

Rajdhani in Artesia

Couldn't find a post on this restaurant, so maybe J.Gold has scooped CH again? His review:
If you've been there, what did you like? Should I add it to my 'must visit' list?
18525 Pioneer Blvd., Artesia
(562) 402-9102
Lunch and dinner daily.

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  1. Nobody has been here? I searched for Rajdhani and could only find this post. A vegetarian friend picked this place for her birthday and I'll be going on Friday night (with our 2 year old!). It sounds good.

    1. Well Scotty, we're all waiting for The Report......:)

      1. I just went for lunch today. What fun! It really is like a dim sum sort of experience. You sit down, a platter with small dishes are placed in front of you, and the food just keeps coming! The service was impecable as well. Tasty breads like puri and chapati, these wonderful khandvi, great okra, fritters, and salty lassi (I think) on the house as well. I must say, I still like Woodlands a bit better because of my wuss-like tastebuds - nothing on the part of the food here. I am just a spice whimp. But then again, nothing here was too oppressive spice-wise either. I will tell more people about it for sure, especially the vegs. And the proprietess was a delight. I would go back just to chit chat with her some more.

        1. Went a few weeks ago. It is a lot of fun. I really liked that the restaurant was so well kept, bright, and clean. I especially like that unlike other Indian buffets, there are no steam trays. Waiters move around the restaurant with what looks like me like giant-condiment trays and offer you more food. I wasn't a fan of the salty lassis, but loved the okra, the non-coconut soup (sorry, I am an Indian food novice), and hot chapatis. Also, each person gets to choose one dessert, and both I tried (one was a sweetened flour paste, and the other a carrot slaw) were quite good. Also, it was a Sunday in Artesia and I felt like this restaurant was the most packed, which is always a good sign right?

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            I went to Rajdhani nearly an year ago, after it had just opened. The quality of food and service was exceptionally good then. It seems from djquinnc and Quik's reports they have maintained their quality (though a visit to Rajdhani is certainly impending).

            It is food from the one of the western states in India (Gujurat), and hence tends to be on the hot-sweet side of the spice spectrum. The "Unlimited Thali" (read: buffet items which are served to you by the staff) concept is quite popular in Bombay and the Rajdhani owners recreated the whole idea in LA. South Indian (a rather generic term for food served in Woodlands), is perhaps more hot-sour however, Andhra, which falls within the domain of "South Indian" and is served in Tirupathi Bhimas can be fiery. Hence, with all due respects, comparing the food at Rajdhani to Woodlands is a little bit of apples and oranges.

            1. re: losfelizhound

              Thanks for pointing out the nuances and differentiation of the spice factor, losfelizhound.

              1. re: djquinnc

                djqyuinnc, you are welcome, if spice is something you enjoy, and if you do eat meat, and in case you haven't come across this, then at the risk of blowing my own trumpet:


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                I'm a big big fan of Rajdhani. Being from Bombay, can certainly vouch for the authenticity of the food - thali restaurants like these are pretty common in Bombay (in fact there is another Rajdhani, located in the heart of Bombay's financial district, that does a roaring lunch business), and they typically serve Gujarati food, as losfelizhound points out. It's quite economical as well - about $12/person if memory serves me right.

                The service is great, with hot fresh food served to your table, and always encouraging you to eat more - how many restaurants can say that?!! Far superior to Yogiraj, Rasraj, Jay Bharat, etc. Highly recommended.

                Caveats: Week-ends can get pretty crowded, so go early (before 12) or put your name down on the list and explore Little India. Can also get noisy (think lots of large families, kids running around, etc).

            2. being a gujarati from bombay, it was great to hear about rajdhani. the food is definitely worth it. it's not *quite* authentically gujju, but it is pretty damn good.

              the dhoklas are ok, the dahi vada is good, srikhand is great, but the high point of my lunch were the puris which were fried to golden-brown, crispy perfection.