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Oct 22, 2006 01:18 AM

Black Rice @ The Hungry Cat

OMG! It's so awesome. It's usually served with fish and a green curry/chili sauce. Unfortunately it's not on the menu right now, I just thought about it from a few months back. It tastes like it's cooked with pork fat, but it's not. Any thoughts on what gives it such a smoky roasted meat flavor while being vegetarian?

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  1. I think the flavor comes from the rice itself. It is often called "forbidden rice". You can get it at whole foods, surfas and other specialty stores

    1. The rice does impart it's own smoky nuttiness to the flavor profile, but the majority of that flavor is actually coming from cumin. Toasted cumin is the secret ingredient to great vegetarian cooking.

      1. It's not the asian "forbidden rice", it's a Venetian variety and is more flavorful. I have actually looked for it at Whole Foods and haven't found it there. They do sell it at the La Brea Bakery though. And most likely at Surfas, I'd bet.