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Best Manhattan Pizza

As an afterthought to my post below re pre-theatre with my teenage daughter, she might actually prefer pizza once in NYC. Where should we go?? Thanks

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  1. Angelo's Pizza- close to the theatre district on 57th street. Try the fried zucchini and egglant appetizer.

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      The crust at Angelo's was pretty good, but the sauce--eh--not very inspiring. An okay pizza, but not great.

    2. John's at 44th for pie; Joe's on 6th ave/bleeker or is that carmine St.? for a slice eaten standing; DeMarco's Houston for either.

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        It's Carmine St., and I don't believe it's that good. Agree with DeMarco.

        On UES, Mimi's.

      2. So after reading all these reviews of DeMarco I just went there for lunch. While the pizza looked like it should taste amazing, the sauce was bland, the crust cardboardy and overall it was really dissapointing.

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          Agreed. DeMarco's was VERY disappointing.

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            DeMarco's can be hit or miss. I go pretty regularly and have been quite impressed with it recently. I usually take out and crisp up in the frying pan at home, so maybe that makes a difference.

          2. If you DO decide to go to John's on Bleecker Street (the better of the two locations by a long shot), here's a tip: Go as early as you can in the day-- noon, if possible. If you go at night, you'll wait forever for a table, but in the middle of the day, it is sometimes possible to just walk in and sit down.


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            1. I don't think you can do better than Lombardi's on Spring St... unless you go to Patsy's in Italian Harlem.

              1. Johns on Bleeker for crust...Lombardies for Sauce

                1. I like Sal and Carmines uptown on Broadway and 102nd St. For slice to slice it is usally great. Joe's has slipped through the years. I have Patsy's in Harlem often as I work up there frequently and it is good but not great. John's in the village is always fun, but get there early like a previous poster said. Lombardi's is not quite as good as John's and more exspensive. Bleecker Street Pizza on 7th Ave is solid as is West Village Pizza on 6th Ave/12th St.

                  1. I love Sal and Carmine's too...I just wish they delivered!

                    1. Yep, Sal and Carmine's is outstanding.