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Oct 21, 2006 11:57 PM

Salt Slab?

I am sure we have all seen it on FoodTV or some such place, slabs of rock salt used for presentation of dishes. Any idea where to get this stuff? Can you reuse it? Can you wash it? Anyone have any good links? Or experience with it? What is the proper name anyway?

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  1. Never used them, but you can get salt plates here:

    1. Does anyone have any advice on their care or use or results with them? I think they have a very interesting look but would like to hear from people who have used them before I pull the trigger.

      Thanks for the link by the way

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        I know this is an old link, but I am interested in purchasing some salt slabs for cooking and found a link that tells all about care, how to use them etc. Its called I saw their stuff in Healdsburg at a gourmet shop, beautiful pieces. Check it out

      2. I just bought a large salt slab. The only thing I knew was to heat it to 500 F. I cooked sea scallops, shrimp, salmon fillet, beef tips, and a lamb chop. Obviously, the seafood worked well. The beef tips had a delicate salt finish to them. I was unimpressed with the lamb chop. As soon as it cools off I wiped it clean. It's not an efficient way to cook, but it does add drama to a presentation. Like everyone else I'd like to learn more about cooking on a salt slab.

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