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Oct 21, 2006 11:20 PM

Austin 12/1-12/5 San Antonio 12/5-12/7

Going for vacation...would like to have one "nice dress-up" meal at both places...any ideas??
Also would like any ideas for must eat places and good cheap places for either city..
The only thing I personally don't like is sushi, so all other food recs would be very appreciated.


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  1. You will get lots and lots of differing views, but my favorites for "nice dress-up" places are Driskill Grill in Austin and Le Reve in San Antonio. Both are excellent, but Le Reve is in a league of its own in Central Texas. Do a search on this board for both of them and you will find lots of posts and lots of different opinions. You know what opinions are like.

    1. Also in the downtown Austin area is Aquarelle for really nice dress-up dining. Less formal than the Driskill, given its house setting, but very good food.

      Chez Nous is not as formal, but you can definitely make the place a dress-up event. French bistro with simple decor (French posters, soccer trophies) and a really romantic feel. Tough to believe you're actually by the wild revelers on 6th st.

      Don't forget to save room for Amy's ice cream anywhere in town after dinner one night!

      1. In San Antonio: Boudro's (on the Riverwalk) (cajun)
        La Fogata (Tex-Mex)

        In Austin: Castle Hill Cafe

        1. Le Reve in SA. It's hard to get a reservation but it's worth it. Be prepared to spend $150.00 a person, that's just the tasting menu. Biga on the Banks is nice also but near the same. I like it as a special place when I'm not prepared to spend so much. The service is great there too.

          1. If you want the best meal available, do not pass on Le Reve in San Antonio. It is fabulous and was just named 6th best restaurant in the country by Gourmet magazine. Many of us on this board have touted it loudly and often.

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              If you are even thinking of Le Reve, call now! I know they were booked out for weekends through the end of the year weeks ago.