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Oct 21, 2006 10:48 PM

Best Fall Restaurants in Brooklyn

Now that it's getting chillier and people are breaking out the coats, I'm in the mood for a restaurant with a seasonal fall menu, cozy romantic tables and a fireplace.

Anyone have any suggestions in Cobble Hill, Carroll Gardens, Red Hook or Park Slope? Any price range or cuisine is acceptable, as long as it's delicious. A good wine list is a big plus.

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  1. In my estimation the best fall menu right now is at Applewood. We ate there again last Thursday and Chef David Shea had venison, goat, goose, and pheasant on his frequently changing menu that evening. Trumpet mushrooms were available as a small plate. We had the goose and pheasant, both cooked top perfection. Applewood is very cozy and should have the fireplace going as soon as the weather turns colder.

    1. Cant argue with the Applewood recommendation &, in Park Slope, I'd add al di la and Tempo to the short list. However, as most around here know, I'd put Henry's End right up there, especially since I just got home from having dinner there with 5 others, each of whose dish was excellent. Tonight's pheasant ravioli w/rabbit sausage was very nice and the elk chops are still hard to resist. Romantic, maybe not... perfect for fall, oh yeah.

      1. CONVIVIUM offers a beautiful Fall menu, including game dishes, in a warm, elegant, and romantic setting. A well conceived selection of fine wines complement to bright, inventive Italian-Spanish-Portuguese cuisine.

        HENRY's END is, as the OP stated, far from romantic, but the Wild Game Menu, available all Fall and Winter is outstanding.

        We weren't thrilled with the overly doughy, kind of dry, Pheasant Ravioli, but the Pomegranate Laquered Duck was rich, lush, and delicious, as was the Chicken with Wild Mushrooms and Roquefort, and the very unusual and very delicious Osso Buco of Buffalo with Gremolata and Orzo .

        The Charcuterie Plate of Wild Game with Wild Boar Sausage, Venison Sausage and Game Terrine served with Lingonberries and whole grain Mustard, which we ordered for 4 was an excellent first course.

        The new dessert menu features a Gateau of Crepes, 21 of them, very very thin and layered with a flavorful custard and served with a Fresh Raspberry Sauce .

        1. I agree with all the suggestions above. Here's one more: Porchetta on Smith Street. I had a rabbit ragu there that was utterly delicious and perfect for chilly nights.

          1. We've eaten at Porchetta twice now and both times really enjoyed our meal and it is very reasonably priced as well.