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Oct 21, 2006 09:06 PM

Fish and Chips

Once again, a friend and I rehashed the "Where can we get good Fish and Chips" in Boston question. Preferably in the city proper or Cambridge/Somerville. I've been reading previous posts and wonder if there have been any updates besides Matt Murphy's and Morse Seafood?

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  1. I like the fish and chips at Tir Na Nog and the Druid is not traditional, but very tasty. Cambridge Brewing Company is flaky with the fries but can hit the spot, as well as the Burren.

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      Huh. I don't really like the fish at CBC, thought it was too dense, to the point of tough (I like it flaky and crisp). But I really like the fries. Is Tir Na Nog in Union Sq?

    2. James' Gate in JP has a pretty decent fish and chips plate.

      1. Morse Fish Co. on Washington in the S.E. has very good Fish & Chips. Very light and not at all greasy. Good value too.

        1. Big second for the Tir na Nog, plus with the crowd there you can dump on the vinegar and people won't look at you with the "what the hell is that awful smell?" look. It is in Union Sq., on Somerville Ave. If you're not terribly hungry they also do a nice fish sandwich.

          On a similar note, any good fish and chips on the redline (between Fields Corner and Harvard)?