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Oct 21, 2006 08:12 PM

Seeking macarons?

I recently went to a chocolate buffet in Boston and discovered the delicious difference between macaroons and macarons. I am craving some macarons-- does anyone know where I could find some near Ossining (or not, will travel)? A cursory glance at the Jean-Jacques website does not yield any matches. Thanks in advance.

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  1. St. Moritz is a good pastry shop in Greenwich. Call first to make sure they have macarons.
    I'm guessing they're 25 miles away or so, and maybe a 35 minute commute from Ossining.

    St Moritz Pastry Shop
    383 Greenwich Ave
    Greenwich, CT 06830
    (203) 869-2818

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    1. re: Cheese Boy

      Thanks for this recommendation-- I will call and see if they have them! Someone else suggested La Renaissance in Scarsdale, so I'll call around to the various places and see.

    2. Where is the chocolate buffet in Boston?

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        The chocolate buffet is at Cafe Fleuri, in the Langham Hotel. 250 Franklin Street
        Boston, MA 02110
        (617) 451-1900
        The hotel is GORGEOUS and the buffet was unbelievable. I'm posting a review that I wrote elsewhere below (there's more info on the Boston board too).

        5 stars for the chocolate buffet! Cafe Fleuri was our first food stop on our trip to Boston. We got to the cafe in the beautiful Langham Hotel at 1 PM on Saturday, and were promptly seated with our reservation. Our charismatic waiter pointed us in the direction of the chocolate (not that you can miss it!).

        I still haven't quite fully recovered from the buffet (chocolate will not pass my lips for some time), but the buffet was impeccable in terms of presentation and quality. 1 table for brioche chocolate and banana or strawberry paninis and tiny chocolate filled cream puffs. 1 table for cookies, macarons, financiers, and other bite size treats. 1 table for make-your-own-crepes (chocolate, obviously, flambe in grand marnier optional). 1 table for the enormous chocolate fountain that gushes creamy chocolate for your fruit and pretzel dipping pleasure. 1 table for the chocolate croissant bread pudding (a favorite at our table) with your choice of caramel or, why not, chocolate sauce. 1 table for the guy making mini donuts, fresh, with cinnamon sugar and chocolate for you to dust. 1 table with 3 kinds of fondue (white, milk, dark) to dip your goodies. Then 2-3 more tables brimming with beautiful chocolate works of art. Pudding, mousse, cheesecake, tarts, everything and anything you can imagine. If you are a chocolate lover, $28 will seem a pittance to eat all the chocolate you can stand to ingest (I bowed out at about 3 plates worth). Cafe Fleuri makes a chocoholic's dream of all the chocolate you can eat come true, and it is up to you to decide if the reality is better than the fantasy.

        Eyeing us clutching our stomachs after we'd decided we'd been defeated, our waiter came over and asked, "All done?"

        When we groaned and nodded, he admonished with a smile, "Rookies!"

      2. After reading about (and seeing pictures of) macarons which you posted on the home cooking board (including the fact that they are of Italian origin), I am certain I have gotten them at the Italian deli in the Chilmark shopping center. Of course they're not made on the premises, but they were very good--they had two flavors, chocolate and vanilla.

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          I think the French bakery on 117 in Mt Kisco, behind Boston Market, is another good possibility. Is it called L'Anjou? Someone once brought me some from there, and they were amazing, soft and crunchy and chewy all at once. (Also, have you tried La Tulipe on Lexington?

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            Marge, I stopped by the deli (you were talking about Villarina, right?) and found the cookies. I got a couple of each to taste, and while they are delicious, they taste quite different from the ones I ate at the chocolate buffet. Thanks for the tip though. :-) I guess I'll try the one in Mt. Kisco next! My quest continues...

          2. This is exciting to hear, Marge! I'll stop by and see for myself.