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Italian in Las Vegas?

As I was searching for Italian suggestions for Las Vegas, I came across a post titled "Best 5 Italian restaurant in Las Vegas" but for some reason it has been removed. So what are the good Italian restaurants in Vegas?

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      I do too. Yes, it's not traditional Italian, but it was one of those places where everything I ate made me go 'mmmmmmm.' Gorgeous ambience, too. Prices were very reasonable for high end dining, with appetizers(me and my wife split one), split pasta(among four), entrees, wine, and French press coffee, we paid $115 minus tip. I've paid more for lesser food. My wife, who usually doesn't like 'fancy' loved Fiamma and talks of going back there. She doesn't talk about going back to Nobhill, the former Aqua, Delmonico, or Prime.

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        SO and I ate at Fiamma last weekend and it was *horrible*. By far the most disappointing meal I've ever had in Vegas. The decor is strange, the service is horrible - very odd, but I think they had only one waiter for our entire room (12+ tables) but they had about 20 busboys, runners, etc. and 3 manager types (in suits) helping to serve. It was totally disjointed. SO had their $45 3 course menu - grilled scallops (waaaayyy too much char) and spinach app, gnocci with lobster and truffle sauce (good, but gnocchi overcooked) and the tiramisu (we had them box it up and never ate it). I had a spinach and shrimp salad (overdressed, but the shrimp were nice) and the spaghetti with kobe meatballs. I had to send my pasta back (noodles were way undercooked). It took 20 mins to get my food back and by then my SO had finished his meal. The sauce was horrible and the meatballs were eh. The meal was about $120, and even for half of that I would have felt ripped off. It was horrible. Stay away.

      2. I don't think that this is a great Italian restaurant city (compared to how good some of the restaurants here that specialize in other types of cuisine are). I have two old favorites, neither of which are spectacular but both enjoyable and dependable - Bootlegger Bistro on Las Vegas Boulevard South (near Blue Diamond and the outlet mall), and Casa Di Amore, which is on E. Tropicana near McLeod (a few blocks east of Eastern).

        1. Terrazzo at Caesars Palace is an excellent Italian restaurant with pleasant service and surroundings. But one step up on the scale is Circo, at Bellagio - fantastic pasta, the lasagnette is to die for, as are the lamb chops amd most desserts.

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            Tried to go last nite. It is now a Rao's.

          2. I like Nora's, west flamingo & jones. The service is spotty, but the food is pretty good and reasonable. Second the rec for Casa Di Amore which is open 24 hours with a full menu.

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              Went here based upon a recommendation. I thought the food was just ok. Service was ok,but it was very loud and too far to go from the strip.

            2. The Hungry Detective also recommended Nora's (I haven't eaten there but it looked good on TV).

              Nora's Cuisine
              6020 W Flamingo Rd.
              Las Vegas, NV 89103
              Tel: (702) 873-8990
              Website: www.norascuisine.com

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                I had their Spaghetti Carbonara at Nora's. It was Alfredo sauce with ham and proscuitto. I kind of laugh when I think back on that. I wouldn't eat there again if God came down from heaven and ordered me to eat there.

                1. re: dhedges53

                  You really have to take the place for what it is. It's a mom & pop type of place, the service is spotty at times, and the place itself looks like a dive bar of sorts.

                  I would say that the "carbonara" was probably pretty good but I have a feeling that you didn't care for it. There food, for the most part, is pretty tasty.

              2. I went to Bartolo di Mare last year. It is located at the Wynn hotel. We got lucky and scored a private gazebo outside on the water. Truly one of the most memorable meals of my life with seafood that i would only come to inspect when in Italy.

                1. We really liked-Canaletto and Postrio both in the Venetian

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                    I'll second Canaletto. Lovely setting, not too over-priced, very good service and the food is great. Not a lot of people talk about it here but I think it is deserving of consideration.

                    I can steer you from one place - do not under any circumstances let yourself be talked into the less expensive section of Valentino in the Venetian. I don't know about the more upscale side of it, but the moderate cafe (?) was really mediocre and I'm being kind.

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                      I've been wanting to try Canaletto-I keep saying I'm going to go to one of those 'outdoor' places at the Venetian, but never get around to it.

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                        Canaletto is part of the Il Fornaio chain...always a good and consistent choice in our area.

                      2. re: montreal traveller

                        Did you sit at the 'outdoor' seating or the more formal dining room at Postrio?

                      3. Try Fellini's - a Las Vegas locals hangout - great service with an old LV feel

                        1. I will third Canaletto...

                          I also love Panevino on Sunset just east of the strip!

                          Wonderful food and ambiance
                          The Malfatti ai Funghi is to die for!

                          1. I find it interesting that a restaurant with the pedigree of Valentino's never shows up on top Italian lists. ... (Not saying they deserve it.)

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                              Actually, Valentino's has been voted top Italian by some LV newspapers a few times and for the life of me - and many Chowhounds, I can't figure out why. I think the reason you don't read about it here much is because it in fact isn't very good. Popularity has nothing to do with quality.

                              1. re: sivyaleah

                                One thing that you can usually go by is if the place is hard to get a reservation for.

                            2. Ventano's in Henderson is very good, and has a terrific view to boot. Especially good seafood, and reasonable prices for what you get. Great cioppino. Their specialty, "shrimp on stone," sure smelled good as orders went by. Fine oysters on the half shell--fat and tasty. Tomato sauces were fresh and fine, not overpowering.

                              Speidini at the J W Marriot Resort gets good comments but is seldom mentioned here. I'd be curious to hear more about it myself if anyone has been.

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                              1. re: johnb

                                the shrimp on stone is addicting !! i've been there at least 3 times but i rarely mention it since most want a strip location, or at least close to the strip - i enjoyed nora's - sorry to hear that some have not enjoyed it....i did not care for capo's on trop, i have bootlegger on "my list"

                                1. re: johnb

                                  We live very near Speidini in Summerlin and I took some visiting family members there. Without doubt it was the worst dining experience of my life, and as an international business consultant in The US, Europe and Spouth America, I've had some bad ones. We are patient people but the reservation was not honored, the hostess was rude and indifferent, the waiter was slow and negletful and the food could be understatedly described as "inedible." There were six of us and we sent two appitizers and three main courses back as not fit for human consumption. My monk fish was obviously taken from the inedible head and then shown the fire but not subjected to cooking and when my complaint about it resulted in a change to calamari, the calamari was little more than a stack of burned breading. The price was somewhat high considering the general quality of the place but you know what they say, "The poor quality of the food and the bad service is made up for by the high price." Anyone who goes to Speidini and knows anything about it will get what he asked for. Avoid this place.

                                2. We really like Bootlegger's. It's no where near the strip, but anyplace that serves a killer linguine with clam sauce at 9:30am is my kind of Italian restaurant!

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                                  1. re: raleighchow

                                    Actually it is in the 7000 South Las Vegas Blvd near the outlet mall.

                                    Lorraine Hunt, the LT. Gov. of Nevada, own and operate the restaurant which is a taste of "old Las vegas."

                                  2. Check out my post on Ellis Island!

                                    1. I'll third Ventano! The shrimp on the stone is great...I've had it many times.

                                      La Scala on Desert Inn has always been wonderful, too. Relatively close to the Strip, too.
                                      Have fun!

                                      1. My (Sicilian-American) husband and I just had an amazing meal at Circo at the Bellagio. Most of the Italian places we've eaten were decent but this was impressive! The soups were outstanding. The lobster ravioli were incredible. Interesting people watching.

                                        We also really enjoyed Nora's.

                                        1. If you have a car, and can drive..Try Cappazolli's. They are open till 3am every night! Best local Italian place i've been to, very homey and tasty. Prices are on scale with Macaroni Grill, but much, MUCH better.

                                          They are on Desert Inn, and Maryland Parkway. Across from the Boulavard Mall. Bootlegger is my 2nd fave choice for Italian, but they are a pain to drive to. Good food there, as well

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                                          1. re: Honeychan

                                            I'll definately try Cappazolli's when I'm in town next time, just moved to Salt Lake City, but still work in LV on occasion.

                                            1. re: Honeychan

                                              I Love Cappazolli's!!!! Was most modest in price but long on flavor. Not at all refined but the food is great. One of the most memorable meals (NOT SAYING BEST, but memorable!) I have had in Vegas. When we went we just told the chef (I think his name was Mick, go figure!!!) what we liked and he cooked a feast for us. So love this place!

                                              1. re: LVI

                                                Because we have so many Italian options in Las Vegas many times it comes down to which particular dish you have a craving for on a given night. And the Pork Chops with Vinegar Peppers at Cappozolli's is one of those dishes (also one that is hard to find anywhere else). But for the overall flair Fellini's on West Charleston combines food and ambience (old school) at a high level.

                                            2. Montesano's is great, if you want the basic stuff, like lasagna and pizza. Also, Ferraro's on Flamingo is pretty good.

                                              1. Try Rao's in Caesar's Palace. It compares favorably with Fiamma and has a great "old school" feel. The host, Bubbles, is a classic! Food is wonderful east coast Italian.

                                                Pierrro's on Convention Center is one of my faves. Don't know if you'd call it classic Italian, but the Osso Buco is incredible! Bring your wallet, it's pricey, but worth it.

                                                1. Tried Nora's after seeing it on the Hungry Detective. Hope he's better at his day job than picking restaurants. I won't go back but lots of folks seem to love it. Have eaten several times at Rao's and have been real happy with food and service. Pastas have been excellent and the Shrimp Scampi is outstanding. A few plates of meatballs for the table are gone in seconds. Must have reservations to get in - - always booked.

                                                  1. Fellini's at the Stratosphere. Had a bad experience at the other location, but we always get great food and service at this one.

                                                    1. I am a big time fan of Italian food and we had a really nice, reasonably priced dinner at The Grotto in the Golden Nugget. Everything was well prepared and the service was excellent.

                                                      1. Has anyone tried Gaetano's in Henderson? I think they have the best clams and linguine I have ever had. Pasta is cooked perfectly - al dente. The ravioli is homemade. Never had a bad meal or experience here.

                                                        1. Circo at the Bellagio was memorable because of the dessert!

                                                          Amazing Zeppoles with chocolate dipping sauce - Oh My! A Must!

                                                          Instant Happiness.

                                                            1. re: HoosierFoodie

                                                              I agree primarily due to the service.

                                                              On the other hand...our experience at CarneVino (another Batali outpost) was outstanding.

                                                            2. Since this thread is being reopened I believe that people have to give serious attention to Sinatra in Encore. Lovely restaurant with excellent food. Not the red sauce old world Italian but more refined "new world" approach without losing its old world roots. I really loved this restaurant (except for the total loser bartender who was more concerned about how he was going to sneak his next "rush" as opposed to pouring customers next drink!). From front to back I found this restaurant to be excellent and IMHO, top of the heap.