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Oct 21, 2006 08:03 PM

Tenda - New Asian Bistro on Montague Street

A new Asian Bistro has just opened up on Montague Street called Tenda. It's a small cozy place with a great Bento box lunch special ($7.50) and incredibly good Black Miso Cod. I am by no means a bona fide foodie so I would love to hear others opinions of the place. Has anyone else been there yet?

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  1. Their menu is available. Prices are very high $17-$18 for entrees. More than twice the price of JOYA.

    1. Eh–as someone who works in the neighborhood, I was hoping that it would be decent, but the lunch I had there was really nothing special. For Thai I'd rather go to Lantern a little bit further down Montague (oh, if only Joya was open for lunch!). For Japanese I'd go to Iron Chef on Clark, though walking to Ki Sushi on Smith is another possibility. I guess the Malaysian component of the menu isn't available elsewhere in the neighborhood, but the curries at Lantern are somewhat comparable.

      For the record, I went with a group of three and I ordered the pork katsu bento box. The salad and miso soup were rather bad, the shumai was tasty and the pork was fine, but again, nothing special. The one bright spot was the little pile of kimchi that came with a Malaysian dish a coworker ordered. I wish there were actually Korean food in the neighborhood–if Tenda were to add Korean to their menu and prepare it halfway decently I'd be ecstatic.

      The dinner menu was ridiculously priced, but other places on Montague bump prices up the in a similar fashion (Lantern, for instance).

      1. Order takeout from there last week. BAD pad thai and my friend got some sort of noodles and soup that he called "greasy and not worth it."

        UG. What will it take to get decent food to pay the rent on Montague? It's not like the Pad Thai was bad because they used cheap ingredients or not enough ingredients -- they just have a lousy chef.

        1. The prices are way too high. IMO a restaurant cannot be judged by takeout, which turns to a steamy soup after a few minutes in a closed container.

          If people on the Heights continue to demand that restaurants produce the equivalent of fast food for takeout, good restaurants cannot open and survive.

          No good restaurants do takeout. There are excellent restaurants on Brooklyn Heights, but they are sit down, full service restaurants.

          1. Comparing Ki Sushi and Yamato's menus to Tenda's I really don't see that much of a difference (unless menupages made a mistake). But I've kept my focus at Tenda on the Japanese menu. The Thai and Malaysian menu I'd have to agree is a bit over priced and not as good as some other restaurants. At dinner, my friend ordered the Chilean Sea Bass with Malaysian Black Bean Sauce which was rather tasteless. It was nowhere near as good as the black cod and much more expensive.