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Oct 21, 2006 07:47 PM

Best Spanish in San Diego area?

I'm interested in your opinions about the best Spanish food in San Diego, with authenticity and price considered. I tasted Cafe Sevilla during Taste of the Gaslamp, and it was HORRIBLE. The paella clearly tasted of cumin! Maybe they cater to people's tastes, and people expect a Mexican-style dish.
My friend loves La Gran Tapa in Mexico, so she wants to try the one here. From what I've heard, Costa Brava in PB might be the best local choice. There's also Picasso, whose name alone turns me off. Any suggestions and recommendations?

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  1. My personal favorite is Costa Brava. The place is small, personable, and owned and operated by Spaniards.

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      1. About 2 years ago I took a guest from the small Spanish city of Zamora (the Rio Duero/Toro wine region) to tapas at Picasso. He said it was better than Spain, but he also was aghast the prices which he said were ten times more than Spain.