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Oct 21, 2006 07:39 PM

Quimbaya Ossining - Homemade Sweet Corn Cakes, Empanada and Hot Chocolate

On the recommendation found in this forum, I took the kids to Quimbaya the past two weekends for hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is very, very good but last weekend all the other customers were eating empanadas. When we walked out of the shop, I spotted two cars full of people eating empanadas. When we went back today, I had to try an empanada and it was indeed delicous. Meat and potatoes, slightly spicy with a slighly spicy fresh salsa. Great comfort food. The kids split a sweet corn cake with butter and cheese. That was great too. I spoke to the woman that worked there and she said they make all their baked goods.

It will be hard to drive on 9 through ossining without stopping for an empanada.

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  1. Sounds great. Thanks for the report,

    1. this is a great report. thanks. I have some meetings in ossining in the coming week. Can't wait to try this place. I love colombian food.

      and... funny... but I don't think I've ever had a colombian empanada. I've had colombian tamales, but not empanadas. The fillings sound similar. Thanks for the heads up!

      - Adam

      1. Great to hear that other stuff at Quimbaya is good. Based on the coffee, hot chocolate and cheese bread that I wrote about weeks ago, though, I'm not surprised.

        Can't wait to go back and try the empanadas.


        1. Just got back from Quimbaya and I am happy to report that I also had a great experience. I tried the decadent chocolate hot cocoa and my boyfriend had the president's special (as recommended by the lovely woman at the counter). Delicious. We also tried a chocolate filled pastry and a cheese filled pastry, which were sweet and melted in our mouths. Got an empanada to go, intending to eat it tomorrow, but it looks so good I might try it now... :-)

          1. I just wanted to post an update on Quimbaya. At some point over the winter, they came under new management, but this is still my favorite place in Ossining for a snack and a special drink. As the OP said, the empanadas are great, with a crusty exterior and meat and potatoes inside. The caramel pastry is my favorite thing-- ask the sweet servers to zap it for a second and the gooey caramel inside heats and bubbles in the flaky pastry. The smoothies are made with fresh fruit and a splash of milk. The flan is great too (two varieties-- coconut and caramel), and the tres leches cake is next on my list. Today they were packed, I guess because of the farmer's market, and that makes me happy-- this is so much better than a Starbucks!

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              Their Colombian coffee beans at $9.95 for a one pound bag are a great deal, too.

              1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                I really love the flan at this place. It has a nice creamy (not so rubbery/ jello-ish) consistency. I wonder if the use cream cheese in it or sour cream in it to get it so creamy.