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Oct 21, 2006 07:07 PM

Help: Need great Italian place in L.A

to host a party of 15. Round tables; great food; full bar. Business casual. View would be a bonus. If not Italian, then Steaks. Helllllllllp.

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  1. With 15 you can get a private room upstairs at Maggiano's, at the Grove. I wouldn't call it GREAT but it's good, and the rooms are nice.

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    1. re: jackattack

      Oh, no. No, no, no. Maggiano's apparently are in league with the people who run the salt mines. It's so salty as to be inedible.

    2. Carmines II or Arnie Morton's are good options. Neither are cheap but you'll get great food and service.

      1. Wow, imho I wouldn't classify Maggiano's or Carmines II as even passable Italian. If you really want "great" Italian, Angelini is probably as close as you can get in LA, I am sure they can make arrangements for a large party (beer and wine.) You could also try Madeo on Beverly. For steaks, Arne Morton's is good and could accommodate a large party, Mastro's imo is better.

        1. Vincenti has a private table in the front and incredible food.

          1. Mastro's on Canon Dr. Beverly Hills.

            Best steaks BY FAR. Nothing gets close to it.Very lively,has a piano bar, make sure to request the table upstairs. Good for large groups

            Make sure to order the Lobster potatoes!!

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            1. re: nexxsound

              A trusted Foodie friend was just at Mastro's last thur at my suggestion and said it has really slipped from what it used to be.
              I suggest CUT , it was really good a couple of weeks ago but it can be hard to get a Resy.

              1. re: russkar

                Thanks, I've heard good things about CUT as well, so we'll have to pay them a visit soon. As for Mastro's, maybe your friend had a bad experience last time. it happened to me before, but we were there last week and it was as good as ever.

                1. re: nexxsound

                  He was there last Thur which is pretty recent to me? The whole dinner (according to him) was not up to par.