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Oct 21, 2006 06:12 PM

Why can't they make Malomars year round

It's that time of year again when I stare dejectedly at the Nabisco section of the cookie aisle and sigh. No malomars.

We can put a man on the moon, fly non-stop between NY and Singapore, and create the internet and I-Pods. Why can't we figure out how to make Malomars year round.

Is it so hard? I am told it's the chocolate, but chocolate doesn't disappear for months on end on other products.

So Mr Nabisco, wake up and look at the calendar, its 2006 and I want my Malomars year-round!!!

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  1. they don't make them year round? How odd.. curious to learn why.

    1. Maybe because the coating doesn't contain wax or industrial trans fats that would keep it from melting into a gooey mess in warm weather.


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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        The response above is probably pretty close to the reason why. It has to do with summer heat. Why it affects malomars differently from other products I don't know, but apparently they can't be shipped in the hotter months.

        Anyway, AFAIK for Nabisco it's pretty much a low-volume specialty product which they market only in NY and other eastern markets--I believe it's sales are mostly in areas with high Jewish concentrations, because that tends to be the main buyer profile. As such they may view it as not being profitable enough to reformulate?? However, any or all of that may be incorrect and if so I'd be glad to hear more.

        1. re: johnb

          as far as i know, those mallomar marshamallows are not kosher, so if they are marketing to a jewish population then they are leaving out a segment of folks who will only eat kosher food.

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            They are not kosher because of the existence of gelatin in the marshmallow filling n. Since only about 15% of Jews keep kosher, and some within that 15% are "ingredient-kosher" and believe that gelatin is OK, Nabisco isn't losing that much of the already small population of Jews (~6M in the US). FWIW, the conservative movement and many sephardic orthodox rabbis follow that gelatin is not a kosher concern.

          2. re: johnb

            Oy Vay sold in Jewish shteckles. My head hoits, gotta be kidding, pahlease.

            I am a Jew in an extremely non-Jewish town and those puppies fly out of my store like bats out of you know where. They're made in Toronto, not exactly Boca, and if they were not such a hot item (no pun intended) Nabisco would drop it like a hot bialy.

            Glad to see they are arriving back in my store, right next to the pickled herring and Hebrew National Hot Dogs.

            Just a little levity JB.

            BTW, what AFAIK?

              1. re: jfood

                Well jfood, I figured out the Jewish connection myself based on my own observations of my Jewish ex-wife's behavior and other observations and inputs on the subject of Mallomars during my years as a resident of NYC/Bklyn.

                In any case, your comments (riotously humorous) drove me to look it up in Wikipedia, and below is a cut and paste of what is there:

                "Seventy percent of all Mallomars sold are sold in metropolitan New York, and a majority of the rest are sold in outliers such as Miami and Los Angeles, which have large populations of expat New York Jews.

                Mallomars are very similar to the traditional Israeli confection Krembos. There are numerous cookies which look like Mallomars, but few have the dark chocolate coating which makes them so sensitive to summer temperatures and renders their distribution a risky affair."

                If you want to read the whole entry, here is the link:


                So you see, sometimes these things actually do have cultural links and observations of same are indeed valid.

                Now shall we move on to a discussion of My-T-Fine chocolate pudding?

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                  Very nice and I would like to know where in my kitchen you have a camera since I cooked up a double-portion of My-T-Fine pudding this afternoon and have a spoon in it as we type.

                  1. re: jfood

                    Elementary my dear jfood. Where there are Mallomars, the nearest box of My-T-Fine is certainly not far away, likely on the shelf next to the Swee-Touch-Nee Tea.

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                      In the 1960s I must have consumed thousands of malomars and hundreds of gallons of My-T-Fine chocolate pudding, which developed a rubbery skin on top if not covered when chilling. It seemed that there was always one malomar that had a stale cookie in an otherwise fresh box, and we figured they distributed the aging ones evenly. I haven't had either in at least 30 years, and I can't say I miss either, but thanks for the stroll down memory lane.


                      1. re: Peter Cherches

                        peter, good news on mytfine front. made a couple of batches to weeks ago and fought w my DW on the skin. It is still the BEST dessert in front of the TV.

                        1. re: Peter Cherches

                          The rubbery skin was the best part!

                          1. re: wombat

                            As a child, the rubbery skin made me gag, so you could have mine!

                      2. re: johnb

                        Krembo are also not shipped to most stores - none that I can find - in the hot summer months. Because of that, Krembo is a Hanukah staple for me.

                      3. re: jfood

                        I've never seen Mallomars sold in Toronto, but I believe there's a similar (if not exactly the same product repackaged) product sold in Toronto year-round. They're made by Kraft/Nabisco, and are called "Dream Puffs". There is a plain, and a raspberry filled.

                        See the product here: http://www.kraftcanada.com/en/Product...

                  2. Where do you live? I bought some yesterday (New York) after doing without all summer.

                    1. Could somebody do me a favor and test the link for me that says if they are in a store close to you? I was trying to find out if they are located within 15 miles of zipcode 65201 but either the page is down or my connection is blocking me from accessing it. I would be curious if either Gerbes or Schnucks sells them. Thanks!

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                      1. re: Velma

                        Doesn't work for me either. It launches a page advertising Adobe Professional 8 when I click on 'Go'. Try emailing them -- they'll be happy to know about the broken link and will probably tell you what you wanted to know.

                        1. re: Velma

                          Very strange... It works for 90077, but then I tried 65021, and it just wouldn't go...

                          1. re: Emme

                            Thanks to both of you. It probably means I'm out of luck!

                        2. I just want to say how happy I am. I am an east coast girl who has been out west for a while here so it has been hit and miss with Mallomars. I had my store this year order me 2 cases. When I went up to buy it they only charged me $2.00 a box. Do you believe that. I am now the proud owner of 24 boxes. I start hoarding in March and have figured out exactly how many boxes I need if I eat two a day to last until the season comes again!!!!!!!!