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Safeway/Von's Lucerne Yogurt?

Three questions:

1. What is your favorite flavor?
2. Why are all the good flavors light?
3. Is Lucerne sold anywhere but Safeway & Von's?

I like Lucerne Yogurt. It has less junk in it and tastes better than Dannon. For a major brand, IMO, it is one of the best. This doesn't include the boutique type yogurts. Better than Yoplait too.

I like they have seasonal flavors. I look forward to the pumpkin, though either you love it or hate it, it seems. One of my favorites is the spiced apple.

I get annoyed though that the more interesting flavors are light. I don't like the artificial sweetner taste. Tried Gingerbread, Caramel Apple and Chai latte. The Caramel Apple was the best and I'd be addicted if this was in the regular yogurt. The gingerbread was too medicinal and the Chai latte couldn't overcome the artificial sweetner taste.

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  1. to respond to #3, lucerne is safeway/von's house brand and is exclusive to those stores.

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      In Texas, the Randall's chain, purchased by Safeway some years ago and headed downhill ever since, sells Lucerne. I don't personally care for Lucerne yogurt, but their nonfat cottage cheese has a creamier texture and better (not sour) flavor than other brands I've tried.

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        for what it's worth (i'm about 3 months late on this post)... the Lucerne, no salt added, cottage cheese tastes great with some berries and nuts folded into it. It has the creamy texture of which you speak, without the salty-ness. Tastes *almost* like a very lightly sweetened whipped cream, except for, you know, the cottage cheese lumps.

    2. Safeway used to have a very nice selection of flavored nonfat yogurts, but they discontinued all of the flavors except plain, vanilla, key lime and strawberry. My daughter will not forgive them for no longer carrying nonfat blueberry, her favorite since she was a baby, and I really miss the peach and the cherry. Every time we pass the yogurt aisle, Becky says something nasty about this or, at the very least, actually growls toward the shelves. I guess they figure that folks want low cal (or, rather, low carb) yogurt for dietary reasons. Thus they use Splenda instead of sugar in it and have absolutely ruined the taste. Yucchhh!!! But we've always liked no fat yogurt because it is much more tangy than either the 1 or 2 percent yogurt and we really miss the nonfat yogurt that was sweetened with sugar.

      1. In Chicago, we have Dominick's which is owned by Safeway, so has the Lucerne brand. I haven't tried it but after reading these posts, maybe I should.
        I also wish they would make a nonfat without an artificial sweetner. I would like the low fat but can't deal with the flavor of art sweetner. I don't know if it is the process of making the yogurt, but I've noticed with all brands, the nonfat with art sweetner always have some more interesting flavors while the low fat pretty much only has fruit flavors.

          1. rworange, are you sure that Lucerne has less 'junk' than Dannon?
            I'm looking for a plain, plain yogurt and am getting very annoyed because all producers except Dannon add some kind of thickener (pectin, careegenan, etc) that interferes with prep/cooking of some savory dishes. Yes, even the many middle eastern brands made around LA have thickeners. Yes, even Trader Joes. Grrrr.
            If Lucerne offers a PLAIN yogurt with No sugar or thickeners then I'll just have to visit Vons...

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              I never get it plain. The only charm that Lucerne has for me is the different flavors. It is a little less solid than Dannon and less sugary. I wouldn't use it for cooking though.

            2. I always found all of Safeway's (Lucerne) cultured milk products that I tried to be good, including yoghurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, etc. I was in the DC area; they no doubt use different providers to make their stuff in other places around the country, so it may vary some, although it ought to be made from the same formula.

              In general, Safeway store brands seem to be pretty decent. Their medium heat salsa is my fav.

              1. This may sound like nitpicking, but the foil that covers the top of the Lucerne yogurt can't be removed in one piece. That used to be the case, but something must have changed--I'm thinking it's the adhesive they use. Anyone else have this problem?

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                  I found bigtech's comment while searching for a point of contact to complain about the very same thing. (For my money, there is no yogurt I prefer to the Safeway/Lucerne brand, but) this really bugs me. I was out of Safeway's market reach for a couple years and I never used to have such a problem trying to get the cover off in one piece. I suspect it is a cost issue, utilizing thinner foil. If you know who I can complain to (someone in Lucerne's manufacturing chain), let me know.

                2. it is good yogurt..they have limited edition flavors right now including carmel apple alittle sweet but good it has small chunks of apple....

                  1. As to why all the "good flavors are light" ...

                    ... supposedly it is easier to mimic an exotic flavor like carmel apple using artificial sweetners than it is with real sugar (using real sugars/HFCS or the like would make the calorie content of those exotic flavors astronomical).

                    1. Actually, we ALWAYS buy Safeway/Lucerne yogurt. Generally we can purchase it for less than 0.20/ 8oz container at the Dominick's stores in Chicagoland as they are close to being out of date.
                      Chicagoland shoppers have largelt baled from Dominick's largely due to the Safeway brands.

                      Safeway's purchase of Dominick's Finer Foods several years back has been the best thing that every happened to Jewel-Osco.

                      1. Lucerne Strawberry fruit on bottom so rocks.

                        1. Just picked up some Lucerne nonfat plain yesterday -- I was really impressed. The consistency isn't as thick as other brands, so people who like the thicker yogurt will be disappointed. What I really liked, though, was the flavor: Less "sour" than other brands (including Trader Joes French Village, which has been the brand of plain yogure I've used most often lately). Think I'm switching to Lucerne now! Can't wait to try some of the flavors...

                          1. Just recently discovered Lucerne yogurts. Love the green tea flavor yogurts!

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                              Cool ... I'll look for the green tea.

                              The pomegranite yogurts are good too with the pomegranite/acai the best.

                            2. Lucerne also makes a great cottage cheese. I like it more than Friendship brand.

                              1. this post is over a year old, but right now they've got special ice creams: pumpkin, gingerbread, and eggnog flavors.

                                during the rest of the year, the cinnamon caramel cashew is good. so is the praline pecan and the white chocolate raspberry flavors.

                                1. All the Lucerne yogurt down the street has been changed to a new "Smooth and Creamy" formula. What the hell? All the fruit chunks are gone! That was the whole point! I used to pick up the peach light yogurt by the dozen at $.50 each, but now I have to look for another brand.