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Oct 21, 2006 05:44 PM

Cranberry vodka and blood orange juice... what else?

I have cranberry infused vodka and blood orange juice. The two together are pretty good, but I feel like it's an ingredient or two away from greatness. Ideas?

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  1. Yum - lucky you! How about a splash of Cointreau? Or Grand Marnier? Or, if the blood orange juice is really sweet, how about a bit of Campari to "tart" it up?


      1. Try Charbay vodka - the blood orange & red grapfruit are incredibly flavorful. I'm not one for flavored vodka, but these are excellent. Excellent straight on the rocks - no need for a fruit mixer.

        1. Schwepps Bitter Lemon and a collins glass full of ice.

          1. How about some fresh muddled mint? Or some Lichido Lychee Liqueur? Or a dash of Leblon Cachaca and ginger syrup?