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Oct 21, 2006 04:18 PM

Unroasted coffee beans in LA?

I know I can order from, which seems to be everyone's favorite.

But I'd rather try my hand at a half pound before committing to a large internet order. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on unroasted beans in Los Angeles?

Alternatively, are there any favorite coffee roasters around here that roast at the same place they sell? Maybe if I buy some coffee I can convince them to sell me a few handfuls of unroasted?

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  1. Try Graffeo in Beverly Hills, I think they roast on site - I think I may have seen green beans at Whole Foods as well

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      I do remember that in Portland the Whole Foods had several kinds green beans, but I've never seen them in CA. Maybe if I put in a request they'll be able to bring some in--or maybe I need to look harder. Thanks for the replies so far!

    2. Try Victors Liquor an Franklin & Bronson

      1. Jones Coffee Roasters! I never see them mentioned on this board, but they are fabulous. They sell unroasted (green) beans and roast their own on the premises, which, by the way, smell fantastic.

        Jones Coffee Roasters
        537 South Raymond Avenue (just north of California)
        Monday - Friday 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM
        Saturday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
        Sunday Closed
        phone 1-626-564-9291

        1. Supreme Bean in North Hollywood is a micro-roaster who also sell greens. Their website <> is under construction (they just moved to a new location and haven't updated everything yet), but the phone number is good and the staff is pretty helpful. I needed some greens and didn't have time to wait on UPS from Sweet Maria's, dropped by there and got some good Yemen Moka and Sumatran, as well as a tour of their roastery and some pleasant coffee conversation.

          I would recommend dropping an email to Sweet Maria's, though, and asking for advice. Thom Owen (Maria's husband and the guy who does all the cupping for them) is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. If you don't have a roaster yet, they can help you pick one out, and put together a bean sampler to get you going. I've been home roasting for a couple of years now, and I would have a lot of trouble going back to someone else's coffee.

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            You can also pick up Supreme Bean's green or roasted at Coffee Attic in North Redondo, just off the 405. You can piggyback an order off of their own weekly order.

          2. Try Rocky Roaster in Canoga Park