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Oct 21, 2006 04:16 PM

Chive in Downtown SD

Hey Hounds,

Can anyone give me the scoop on Chive in the Gaslamp Quarter. I'm trying to decide between The Fishery and Chive for dinner with the GF. I get the impression that these two restaurants are nothing alike haha, but I've been wanting to try The Fishery, and I just read that Chive is supposed to be solid as well. Now I have no idea where I should go for this special occasion!?!?! Please impart some wisdom!! Thanks in advance

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  1. I like the small dishes at Chive. They also have a great happy hour. Parking downtown is the biggest problem. No parking problems at the Fishery, and many agree they have the freshest fish in town.

    Alice did a spot on Chive:

    Captain Jack did a spot on the Fishery:

    1. Chive is much more hip and "downtown" - the Fishery is very casual and laid back - more of a neighborhood place that you might walk to on a weeknight, or go with the family. Chive's food is more adventurous, whereas at the Fishery, you will get very traditional preparations of good fresh seafood. If I had to pick one for a date though, I'd say Chive.