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Chive in Downtown SD

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Hey Hounds,

Can anyone give me the scoop on Chive in the Gaslamp Quarter. I'm trying to decide between The Fishery and Chive for dinner with the GF. I get the impression that these two restaurants are nothing alike haha, but I've been wanting to try The Fishery, and I just read that Chive is supposed to be solid as well. Now I have no idea where I should go for this special occasion!?!?! Please impart some wisdom!! Thanks in advance

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  1. I like the small dishes at Chive. They also have a great happy hour. Parking downtown is the biggest problem. No parking problems at the Fishery, and many agree they have the freshest fish in town.

    Alice did a spot on Chive:


    Captain Jack did a spot on the Fishery:


    1. Chive is much more hip and "downtown" - the Fishery is very casual and laid back - more of a neighborhood place that you might walk to on a weeknight, or go with the family. Chive's food is more adventurous, whereas at the Fishery, you will get very traditional preparations of good fresh seafood. If I had to pick one for a date though, I'd say Chive.