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Oct 21, 2006 03:37 PM

Post-Thanksgiving Day Reminder

Thanksgiving Day is about a month away. This reminder is for those of you who will have access to a turkey carcass or 2. Make turkey broth from the carcass(es). It can be used for recipes that call for chicken broth.

I simply simmer the carcasses in water without adding any aromatics or seasonings. The broth is then frozen for future use. The reason that no flavorings are added is that I don't have to remember what I put in the pot at the time of creation. Seasonings are ingredients at the time of use. One of the dishes for which I use the broth is risotto along with leftover pieces of turkey.

Buon appetito!

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  1. The turkey carcass is the best part of having this meal at home - what would Thanksgiving be without picking the carcass, then making stock! The year we were away for Thanksgiving, I pined for Friday's turkey sandwich and cold stuffing. But the worst part was not having all those wonderful 8 oz containers (thank you to all yogurt manufacturers!) of turkey stock for the rest of the year. Boo Hiss.

    After years of buying large birds, I bought two smallish turkeys last year. Roasted one on Wednesday to cool & slice in advance. Also made pan gravy which was in the refrigerator, waiting to be re-heated and thinned with Thursday's pan juices. Using a very low oven, the already-sliced turkey surrounded the beautiful brown bird that made the house smell so "Thanksgiving-y" and we all ate a hot dinner for the first time in ages. Carving at table slows the process. I plan a repeat this year.

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      I fill sandwich-size ziploc bags with two cups of broth and stand them (seam-side-up) in a loaf pan in the freezer till frozen.

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        Better idea - they'll take up less room! Thanks for posting. Viva Ziplock bags!

    2. My Tday tradition is Friday, I harvest the carcass for any scrap of meat. Make a stock out of the bones and whatever else is left.
      I make turkey and dumplin's for dinner that night with the leftovers and the stock. It's fantastic and uses up the leftovers with leftover T&D for lunches in the up coming week.
      There's usually plenty of stock for the freezer leftover.
      I also rescue the ham bone for use in peas or green beans.


      1. I always make a big dish of turkey pot pie after T day. It is such a comforting meal. If I'm lucky enough to have enough turkey to freeze I'll make it again in January when the cold really kicks in. nothing better than coming in from a day of sledding than sitting down to turkey pot pie.

        1. I must be an odd ball. I don't like broth or stock made from a T-day turkey carcass. I think the stock ends up tasting tired, maybe I identify with the turkey or something. If I need turkey stock I buy parts and start from scratch.

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          1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

            I have a friend who has the same opinion about turkey stock. To each her/his own.

            1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

              I wast just writing..."I guess I'm the only one who doesn't like to use roasted chicken or turkey carcass for soup base."

              I just don't want my soup to taste like roasted chicken. It is one-note or something.

            2. Turkey fried rice. It's really not so bad