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Your best "healthy" banana bread recipe please

I have a great recipe, but it calls for Roman Meal Cereal which is no longer available in stores. Yes, you can mail order it, but I'm looking for an easier route. ;)

Does anyone have a healthier-than-most recipe? Less sugar, less egg, etc.

They're drawing fruit flies and it seems like a good cake day!

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  1. Try Cooking Light's website..they have numerous recipes on their site that I have tried w/great success.

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      Cooking Light's banana bread recipe is my favorite - I make it at least once a month. It was voted one of their best recipes of all time.

      Photography: Randy Mayor; Styling: Jan Gautro

      Classic Banana Bread

      We love this bread's moist texture and simple flavor. Banana bread should form a crack down the center as it bakes--a sign the baking soda is doing its job.

      2 cups all-purpose flour
      3/4 teaspoon baking soda
      1/2 teaspoon salt
      1 cup sugar
      1/4 cup butter, softened
      2 large eggs
      1 1/2 cups mashed ripe banana (about 3 bananas)
      1/3 cup plain low-fat yogurt
      1 teaspoon vanilla extract
      Cooking spray

      Preheat oven to 350°.
      Lightly spoon flour into dry measuring cups; level with a knife. Combine the flour, baking soda, and salt, stirring with a whisk.

      Place sugar and butter in a large bowl, and beat with a mixer at medium speed until well blended (about 1 minute). Add the eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each addition. Add banana, yogurt, and vanilla; beat until blended. Add flour mixture; beat at low speed just until moist. Spoon batter into an 8 1/2 x 4 1/2-inch loaf pan coated with cooking spray. Bake at 350° for 1 hour or until a wooden pick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool 10 minutes in pan on a wire rack; remove from pan. Cool completely on wire rack.

      Yield: 1 loaf, 14 servings (serving size: 1 slice)

      CALORIES 187 (21% from fat); FAT 4.3g (sat 2.4g,mono 1.2g,poly 0.3g); IRON 1mg; CHOLESTEROL 40mg; CALCIUM 20mg; CARBOHYDRATE 34.4g; SODIUM 198mg; PROTEIN 3.3g; FIBER 1.1g

      Cooking Light, SEPTEMBER 2003

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        This is similar to mine, but instead of any butter or oil, I substitute sugar free apple sauce and divide the flour up with half whole wheat flour.

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          the cooking light Classic is my go-to as well -- I add a dash of cinnamon and a few choc chips and then cut back the sugar just a bit to keep from making it overly sweet. You would never guess it was a "healthy" version. I use white whole wheat flour instead of all purpose. It's perfect for a pre-soccer snack or even breakfast on the run

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            This is my go to banana bread as well, it's fantastic. I actually use fat free Greek yogurt, Fage 0% is my fave. A little nutmeg is a great addition as well. Enjoy!!!

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              Odd. Except for a slightly higher amount of sugar, and a couple of T. less butter, this recipe is exactly the same as the first (of 2) America's Test Kitchen version. Can't imagine why a white flour version w/ butter & the standard # of egg yolks is considered particularly healthy. I make the ATK version healthier by using whole wheat pastry flour in mine (no white), Succanat instead of white sugar, discard one egg yolk, and use a no trans-fat margarine made from healthy oils to replace the butter & salt (unfortunately there is no salt-free version of the margarine so I don't really have control over how salty it is, but using plain oil gives quick breads an unpleasant, greasy texture so I don't do that). You need to use the regular rather than the "lite" version of the margarine for baking b/c the light kind is mostly water & doesn't work in baking.

              Personally I wouldn't use applesauce b/c the bananas & yogurt give this batter more than enough slow-releasing moisture already, and more risks it coming out more like pudding than bread. I'm also not a fan of lots of bitty hard seeds throughout breads, and fiber is not the only reason whole wheat is healthier than white flour. I get plenty of fiber from eating veggies and use whole wheat primarily for the vitamins & minerals it has that white flour doesn't. I don't believe I would have enjoyed a bread made from white flour & Roman meal.

              People seem to thoroughly enjoy the version I make. (Never any left over.)

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                I just put a loaf of this bread into the oven, and it looks very promising.
                I subbed half the all-purpose flour for whole wheat, cut the sugar in half and used lt. brown, and added some dried blueberries which I allowed to soften a bit in the banana puree. A scant 1/4 t. of cinnamon went in as well.

                Thanks for posting this. Hopefully my modifications will still yield tasty results!

                Thanks also for the nutritional info. I follow WW, so this is very helpful.

            2. this is my tried and true banana bread. I got it from a cooking light type of book and have add some additional spices to improve its now wonderful taste

              1 1/4 c flour
              1 1/4 t baking powder
              1/2 t baking soda
              2 1/2 t cinnamon
              1/8 t salt
              2 slightly beaten egg whites
              1 1/2 c mashed bananas
              3/4 c sugar
              1/4 c oil
              3 t vanilla
              heavy dash of nutmeg
              non stick spray

              in a bowl, mix together flour, baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt. in larger bowl mix together bananas, egg whites, sugar, oil and vanilla. stir in flour mixture until moistened. SPour into sprayed 8x4x2 inch loaf pan. Bake at 350 for 45 to 50 mins until toothpick comes out clean. Cool bread in pan for 10 mins. Remove from pan and enjoy.

              for an extra treat, i also throw in 1/2 c or so of chocolate chips.


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                Mel, just made your banana bread and it came out great! Thanks for the tip.

                1. re: maeisner

                  I am glad you like it... it has been a favorite of my hubby's. It also freezes great too.

              2. I use organic whole spelt flour, organic canned pumpkin (NOT pie filling), and erythritol (a polyol sugar substitute) instead of sugar (I'm diabetic). This is a recipe I developed. It's extremely easy, and healthy, to boot.

                * Exported from MasterCook *

                Pumpkin Spice Banana Bread

                Recipe By :Gail Gordon Oliver / Flavours of Home Inc.
                Serving Size : 8 Preparation Time :0:00
                Categories :

                Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
                -------- ------------ --------------------------------
                2 ripe bananas -- mashed
                1 cup canned pure pumpkin puree (unsweetened)
                1/4 cup canola oil
                2 eggs
                1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
                2 cups whole spelt flour
                2/3 cup erythritol (or granulated sugar)
                1 teaspoon baking powder
                1/2 teaspoon baking soda
                1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
                1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
                1/2 teaspoon ground allspice
                1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

                Preheat oven to 350F. Grease a large loaf pan (approx. 8 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 2 1/2.

                In a large bowl, whisk together mashed bananas, pumpkin puree, oil, eggs and vanilla until combined well.

                In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, erythritol (or sugar), baking powder, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, allspice and salt.

                Add flour mixture to wet ingredients in large bowl and stir until just combined.

                Pour batter into prepared loaf pan. Bake until top is deeply browned and springs back when touched gently, about 70 to 85 minutes.

                - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                Per Serving (excluding unknown items): 221 Calories; 9g Fat (34.3% calories from fat); 6g Protein; 32g Carbohydrate; 5g Dietary Fiber; 53mg Cholesterol; 278mg Sodium. Exchanges: 1 1/2 Grain(Starch); 0 Lean Meat; 1/2 Vegetable; 1/2 Fruit; 1 1/2 Fat; 0 Other Carbohydrates.

                Nutr. Assoc. : 84 4653 0 0 5403 26182 2130706543 0 0 0 0 0 0

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                1. re: olivergail

                  I can barely boil an egg and I just made this on a cold rainy day. It is incredibly delicious and moist! Had some friends over and they each had seconds. Ahhh success!! I added a generous amount of dried cranberries to mine and cardamon instead of ginger.

                  1. re: keralacutie

                    Cardamom w/ bananas is a favorite flavor combo of mine, too! I once tried nutmeg in banana bread (copying an online suggestion), and I didn't care for it at all.

                    Sidenote: Love allspice in blueberry quickbread, and ginger w/ a trace of clove in orangey quickbread. Some spices just seem to go w/ certain fruit flavors.

                    I apologize if I've gotten too far off-topic.

                2. We love Epi's low-fat banana bread, link below, but it does not use whole wheat flour...not sure if it would fit your definition of "healthy." It IS low-fat, using buttermilk and only 1 TBSP. of oil. By the way, I always use 3 very ripe bananas, seems to help for moistness.


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                  1. re: Val

                    I always use at least 3 bananas, sometimes 4 even.

                    1. re: Val

                      You could probably sub whole wheat pastry flour for the white flour. I do it all the time in quick breads quite successfully.

                      1. re: Val

                        I make this using WW pastry flour - gives a slightly less cakey texture, but I like that in my banana bread. I agree an extra banana doesn't hurt, but I find this is moist enough that it keeps fairly well, and I find it's better the day after it's baked. I like to use brown sugar and add a little cinnamon, too.

                        1. re: Caitlin McGrath

                          I use King Arthur's white whole wheat flour instead of AP flour in ALL quick breads, muffins, bars, and single-layer/sheet cakes.

                          1. re: greygarious

                            I'm pretty much on the same page, except I use whole wheat pastry flour, which I prefer. I use it for cookies, pancakes, etc., too. Have done so for umpteen years, so things don't taste "lesser" to me with WW.

                            1. re: greygarious

                              but this is not a pastry flour, right? regular gluten content, not low gluten?

                              1. re: toodie jane

                                Correct, not pastry flour. I have never tried WWW for anything that requires a very fine crumb, because I actually prefer baked goods with a more homey, rustic texture like the coarser crumb of a muffin or quickbread.

                          2. re: Val

                            I made this last night with a few changes to the methodology and was happy with the result:

                            I started w/ just the yolks and sugar, blending the hell out of them like I was making sabayon. Then with my fingers, "mushed" the bananas and tossed in the little pieces while the mixed was running with the whisk. I only used 1/2 cup sugar to start. Finished the rest of the recipe as written with the exception of using walnut oil instead of vegetable oil. Then I whipped the whites separately, beat in the remaiining 1/4 cup sugar to make them more stable, and folded into the rest of the batter. Put about 90% of the batter into an 8 inch pan w/ tall sides.

                            The resulting "cake" had a nice dome and a dryer, lighter, less-gummy texture than you sometimes get w/ bananna bread. I melted a few dark choc chips w/ a little more buttermilk and glazed the top, sprinkled w/ pecans and maldon salt. Thus making an extremely low fat birthday cake for my husband who is "studying" for his lipids test next week ;-)

                          3. Thank you all--I'll make one or two and report back. I love banana bread!

                            1. Roman Meal is just a mixture of grains, so you could use your original recipe and just substitute something else -- for example, oatmeal, or a mix of grain flakes that you can find at Whole Foods or any health food store.

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                                yeah, I've tried substituions of ALL kinds--nothing is as good. I may just break down and send for some. It only comes in 25# sacks!


                              2. http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Whole-Wh...

                                This one is excellent. It uses honey instead of sugar. All whole wheat flour. Remains moist. Very hard to tell that it is healthy. Highly recommended

                                1. My Whole Wheat Banana bread. This is very moist. You could probably go down in sugar if you wanted, it always seems sweet to me.

                                  1/2cup butter
                                  3/4 cup brown sugar
                                  1 egg
                                  1 cup whole wheat flour
                                  1/2 cup all purpose flour
                                  1 tsp baking sode
                                  3/4 tsp salt
                                  1-1/4 cup mashed bananas (2-3)
                                  1/4 cup yogurt or sour cream

                                  - Preheat over to 350*
                                  - cream butter, sugar. Add egg.
                                  - Add banana and yogurt.
                                  - Add mixed dry ingredients.
                                  - Pour into greased bread pan.
                                  - Bake 50-60 minutes, cool in pan before slicing.

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                                  1. re: Sebby

                                    Hey Sebby, it`s been a few years but tonight I found myself making banana bread and realizing I only had one egg! Google brought up your recipe and it was great. I only used 2 bananas and would definitely use 3 next time, and I also added some flax, nutmeg, and cinnamon. Moist and buttery, lovely :) Thanks for sharing it!

                                  2. This is a yummy one. I've never made it with the topping, only as a loaf, although the recipe as written sounds incredible!


                                    1. Maybe you'd like to try this, my adaptation from the 1951 Fannie Farmer Cookbook.

                                      It uses NO oil, and it is not needed. I have changed it to whole wheat where the original uses all-purpose, changed the sugar to brown sugar, honey, or a combo of honey/molasses. The original recipe calls for 1/2 c. of chopped nuts, which I usually leave out. It always turns out nice no matter how I mess around with it.

                                      3 ripe bananas
                                      2 eggs, beaten light
                                      2 c. whole wheat pastry flour or whole wheat regular, whatever is on hand
                                      3/4 c brown sugar, or slightly less honey or honey w/ a little Grandma's molasses, yellow label
                                      1 tsp salt
                                      1 tsp soda
                                      (optional 1/2 c. chopped walnuts or other nuts, I leave out usually. In the past I have sometimes substituted chopped dates or 2 Tbl. blue poppy seeds if I wanted to get wild--prefer it plain usually).

                                      Mash bananas, add eggs, add everything else & stir. Bake 1 hour (watch, depends on your stove) at 350.

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                                        I tried this last night and wasn't impressed with the results. I used an extra banana and it was still rather dry, not sweet enough for my taste and had a kind of rubbery texture. I don't care for banana bread anyway, though - my husband and his kids said "it tastes like it's supposed to be healthy" but they ate it anyway. I think SOME added fat is necessary for a decent texture.

                                      2. Toodie Jane,

                                        This is my favourite banana bread recipe. They have a whole wheat version or a spelt version so you can make whichever one you prefer. I personally love the spelt version.


                                        Good luck!

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                                        1. re: allyb

                                          well, thanks! I just happen to have some ready bananas! glad I dropped by CH today and saw this.

                                          1. re: toodie jane

                                            Toodie Jane, if you would please, I'd love to have your original recipe that uses the Roman Meal Cereal. Love your name btw!

                                            1. re: Isabella

                                              I'm so sorry that I just saw your request.

                                              here is the recipe, from the 70's, tweaked by me a little:

                                              Roman Meal Banana Bread

                                              Set oven to 350 and butter and flour a 9x5x3 loaf pan.

                                              1/2 c a.p. flour
                                              1 c whole wheat pastry flour
                                              2 1/2 tsp b powder
                                              1 tsp b soda
                                              1/2 tsp salt
                                              2/3 c Roman Meal cereal (mixed grains)
                                              1/4 c non-instant powdered milk , optional
                                              1 c coarsley chopped walnuts
                                              3 T. raw sesame seeds

                                              2 eggs, room temp
                                              1 c mashed blackened bananas
                                              1 T lemon juice & zest of lemon
                                              1/4 tsp vanilla
                                              1/2 c milk
                                              1/2 c honey
                                              1/3 c yogurt
                                              1/4 grapeseed or other neutral veg oil
                                              2 T. walnut oil

                                              1/3 c cashew pieces
                                              1 T raw sesame seeds

                                              Completely mix dry ingredients in a large bowl.
                                              In med. bowl, beat eggs slightly, add bananas and lemon juice and zest, and vanilla.
                                              Warm honey and milk slightly and beat into egg mixture. Add oils and yogurt.
                                              Add wet ingredients to the flour, mix with a spatula in folding motion, just till flour is moistened. Add nuts and gently mix to distribute.
                                              Quickly pour the thick batter into the pan, sprinkle with cashew peices and remaining T. of sesame seeds and place on middle shelf in hot oven.
                                              Bake for about 50 minutes till cake tester comes out clean from center. Cool in pan on rack for 5 minutes, turn out of pan onto rack to cool completely.

                                              * I've found that Trader Joe's carries a 4-grain cereal mix next to the cartons of oats; this works very well in place of hte Roman Meal.

                                            2. re: toodie jane

                                              No problem. Since you have ready bananas, if you want to try something different the banana spice cake is also one of my favourites. It's in the dessert section and there is also a whole wheat and spelt version for that.

                                          2. Here's an excellent recipe that I created with input from other recipes I found to create a low-calorie, low-fat, moist, delicious recipe. The best part is that it uses no oil or butter/margarine. But don't forget the flaxseed as it adds moisture and nutrition in the form of Omega 3s to the bread.

                                            2x ripe bananas—200 calories, 0 grams fat
                                            1x 2-egg container of Egg Beaters—60 calories, 0 grams fat
                                            1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour—600 calories, 3 grams fat
                                            1/2 cup Splenda/sugar blend—368 calories, 0 grams fat
                                            1/2 cup all-purpose flour—200 calories, 1 gram fat
                                            1/2 cup natural, unsweetened applesauce—50 calories, 0 grams fat
                                            1x tbsp ground flaxseed—40 calories, 5 grams fat
                                            1x tbsp molasses—60 calories, 0 grams fat
                                            1x tsp vanilla extract—12 calories, 0 grams fat
                                            1x tsp baking soda—0 calories, 0 grams fat
                                            1/4 cup hot water—0 calories, 0 grams fat
                                            1/4 cup chopped walnuts, pecans, or almonds—210 calories, 22 grams fat for pecans
                                            1x tsp salt—0 calories, 0 grams fat

                                            Total calories & fat—approx. 1800 calories, 31 grams fat—18-slice yield equates to approx. 100 calories, 1.7 grams fat per slice

                                            You may or may not want to add more nuts for more texture and/or flavor. But as it is, you still end up with several nuts per slice and it seems to be the perfect amount for me. If you do add in more nuts, keep in mind that every quarter cup of chopped pecans (which is what I use) adds 210 calories and 22 grams of fat to the loaf (though a majority of that fat is monosaturated fat; which is good for you in moderation and helps get rid of the "bad" fat).

                                            Preheat oven to 325°F
                                            Peel and mash bananas—should yield approx. 1x cup
                                            Blend all ingredients together in one bowl with the exception of the nuts and flour
                                            Blend flour together in a separate bowl
                                            Slowly fold in flour into wet ingredients
                                            Fold in nuts, ensuring even distribution
                                            Lightly spray 5” x 9” loaf pan with non-stick vegetable oil spray
                                            Cook in center of oven for approx. 50 minutes; place skewer in center of loaf to check to see if it comes out relatively clean (it should still “grab” a little)
                                            Allow loaf to cool for at least 10 minutes prior to slicing
                                            Slice into approx. 18x 3/8” slices

                                            Happy cooking,
                                            James G

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                                            1. re: here4evr1

                                              Nice recipe, James. You wouldn't happen to have a carb count would ya? I'm a t1 diabetic and that would make dosing insulin a breeze.

                                              I like your recipe. I'll have to try it w/ my next batch. Did u know they have a Splenda brown sugar now too?

                                              ***Just noticed this is a two year old thread. Oh well!

                                            2. Not bread, but I made some delicious banana and oat muffins from Gordon Ramsay's new book, Healthy Appetite. They were incredibly easy and perfect portion control

                                              1. I've been on a banana bread kick lately. I like to make them and freeze them for later. I take a basic recipe and sub whole wheat flour for half the white flour. I will also sometimes make it w/ Splenda for Baking which is an equal parts combination of sugar & Splenda. It's nice b/c it doesn't adversely affect the baking the way straight up Splenda will.

                                                I also like to use graham flour, it's wonderful in banana bread! A handful of chopped pecans on top. Mmmmm. Oh, and lastly, if you want another twist sub brown sugar for regular sugar and cut back by a 1/4 cup or so. Love this!

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                                                1. re: lynnlato

                                                  so, my nana used to make a banana bread and i cannot for the life of me replicate it. i've made quite a few, but no dice. it was a little denser (not cake-like) and had a brown almost gummy top, when you sliced it (it always seemed a little stunted vertically in the pan) but you could see the threads of the banana. there was no crumb topping...just this sort of sticky top that was quite brown (not burnt) anyone know this kind of recipe?

                                                  1. re: lollya

                                                    That's how mine comes out "dense but not cake-like", I'm pretty sure it's because I use more than usual banana, usually 4 of them. I add extra baking powder though, so it rises up so high that it overflows the pan, if you didn't I'm sure it would be inverted like your nana's. Maybe she added pure molassas for the sticky top finish, rather than brown sugar?

                                                    1. re: coll

                                                      hmm i'd love to peek at your recipe...if you were willing to share. i'm not sure about the molasses (i don't think i ever saw any in the house growing up) i'm guessing it was a simple recipe. it was just a thin darker brown-goo crust...

                                                      1. re: lollya

                                                        OK I'll post shortly, I'm thinking now maybe she sprinkled brown sugar on top? That's pretty common with this kind of bread.

                                                        1. re: coll

                                                          Here it is, this is the first recipe I ever made and saved (high school era), although I've changed it over the years:

                                                          BANANA BREAD

                                                          4 cup flour
                                                          4 tsp baking powder (it will rise like crazy, so use half if you want denser)
                                                          1/2 tsp baking soda
                                                          1 tsp salt
                                                          2/3 cup Crisco (which also makes it rise, use butter if you wish)
                                                          1 1/3 cup brown sugar
                                                          4 eggs
                                                          4z yogurt or sour cream
                                                          4 bananas (nice to mash first with a dash of coffee from your AM cup, or some rum)
                                                          1 cup walnuts

                                                          That's the basic ingredients. I also sometimes add: a spoonful of peanut butter, a cup or two of chocolate chips, cinnamon, orange or lemon extract or banana liqueur.

                                                          Cream Crisco and sugar, add eggs and yogurt. Alternate flour and dry ingredients with bananas, in about three batches. Add nuts and other add-ins.

                                                          Grease loaf pan and bake 1 1/2 hours at 350.

                                                          Even with all the rising, it is a pretty dense loaf.

                                                          1. re: coll

                                                            thank you!! can't wait to try it. :)

                                                    2. re: lollya

                                                      I use my mammy's recipe as my baseline and then will switch up the types of flours or sugars as mentioned above. But her's is very dense (especially if you add some whole wheat or graham flour in place of some of the white flour).

                                                      1. re: lollya

                                                        Recently I got the 'sticky' top when I used totally ripe bananas. So ripe that when I opened one peal back, the innards slid out into a bowl.

                                                        I don't think I've ever before had them that ripe. (It was wierd but in a good tasting way.)

                                                    3. Using banana yogurt adds another flavor layer
                                                      and sub'ing applesauce for the sweetener works in some bread recipes.

                                                      1. This is a low fat banana bread- I got the recipe years ago when I belonged to a very fancy health club -they served this in the members lounge. It is excellent. Makes 12 slices or 12 muffins:
                                                        3 large very ripe bananas
                                                        2 egg whites
                                                        2 Tbs canola or safflower oil
                                                        1/3 cup low fat or skim milk
                                                        1/3-1/2 c up sugar
                                                        1 t salt
                                                        1 t Baking soda
                                                        1/2 t baking powder
                                                        1 1/2 cups flour- 1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 white

                                                        Preheat oven to 350. Mash bananas. Add egg, oil,milk, sugar, salt, baking soda and baking powder. Beat well.Gently blend flour and banana mixture- stir until moistened
                                                        Pour into lightly oiled 4x8 baking pan or muffin pan.Bake 45 minutes until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean.Let cool 5 minutes before removing from pan.

                                                        140 calories per slice or muffin, 1600 calories per recipe. One slice-24 g carbohydrate, 3 g protein and 2 g fat.

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                                                        1. re: emilief

                                                          Thank you Emilief!

                                                          This is an excellent healthy banana bread recipe!

                                                          Just what I have been looking for.

                                                          1. re: beatchica


                                                            I made Emilief's banana bread recipe today!
                                                            Came out awesome and GOOD!

                                                            So good that I passed the recipe on to my Mom...

                                                            Will make this recipe again and again.

                                                            Thanks Emilief!

                                                            1. re: beatchica

                                                              Use four bananas in any recipe. This is what we now do. It has not failed yet.

                                                              1. re: SIMIHOUND

                                                                My bread became perfect when I started using 4 bananas, it's the way to go.

                                                          2. re: emilief

                                                            I hope you don't mind me asking, but I am a little confused about the amount of flour "1 1/2 cups flour- 1/2 whole wheat, 1/2 white" Do you mean 1 and 1/2 cups of flour total, or one half a cup of each of those flours? Thanks!

                                                          3. I noticed many of the recipes here do not use very many bananas in the recipe. I have one that is very moist and tasty, friends and family crave it and keep coming back for more. It also freezes well if you make extra to save for later. Well here it goes, it is very quick and easy mixing slow cooking but awesome tasting.

                                                            Preheat oven to 350 degrees, lightly grease 1 9x5 loaf pan or 2- 8x3 then coat pan with sugar if you want , it really adds another dimension to the finished bread.

                                                            Combine dry ingredients then set aside.

                                                            2 cups of flour -(all purpose or mix 1 1/2 cups all purpose with 1/2 cup of stone ground
                                                            whole wheat)
                                                            1 tsp baking soda
                                                            1/4 tsp salt

                                                            Combine wet ingredients as follows

                                                            1/2 cup butter- Partially melted
                                                            1 cup brown sugar
                                                            Mix together until smooth, then add..

                                                            2 eggs beaten add to butter and sugar mixture
                                                            then add 2 1/3 cups of mashed over ripe bananas stir well

                                                            Pour wet mixture into dry ingredients stir just to moisten all ingredients.
                                                            Add walnuts if desired. do not over stir, do not use an electric mixer.

                                                            Pour batter into prepared pan/s.

                                                            Bake in preheated oven for 65 min. till toothpick inserted comes out clean.

                                                            let bread cool in pan for 10 min. then turn out onto wired rack.

                                                            No need to turn out of pan if using aluminum disposable pans.

                                                            Very easy, ENJOY!!!

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                                                            1. re: rkealleyne

                                                              I'm a big fan of this one:


                                                              It uses four bananas and has much less fat than most.

                                                              1. re: rkealleyne

                                                                Yes! That's the recipe I have. Years ago I searched the net for a recipe that had a LOT of banana & found this one. I tried several over the course of a couple months & this is the one I kept. I like it because it doesn't have much leavening so is very dense.

                                                                I have since reduced the sugar to 3/4 C & its still plenty sweet. You can also replace half the butter with buttermilk or yogurt to reduce the fat.

                                                              2. My mom makes a version with sweet rice flour that is yummy. It's technically a banana dduk (rice cake) but it tastes like a chewier version of banana bread.


                                                                1. I'm partial to this one that I came up with after a lot (and I mean a lot) of experimentation!

                                                                  This bread is sweet, moist and banana-y, with a nice crumb. No one would ever guess it was made with whole wheat flour and very little oil. In fact, I think it’s as good as ones made with a whole stick of butter. Of course, I loaded it up with walnuts which add extra fat – but nuts are good for your heart.

                                                                  Lowfat banana bread

                                                                  1 1/2 cups well-mashed EXTREMELY ripe bananas (about 3 medium)

                                                                  1/2 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt – don’t use Greek yogurt here, it’s too thick. Stonyfield Farm brand works well

                                                                  1 tsp baking soda

                                                                  2 egg whites

                                                                  3/4 c. turbinado sugar

                                                                  1/4 c. organic canola oil

                                                                  1 t. vanilla

                                                                  2 c. whole wheat pastry flour

                                                                  1 t. baking powder

                                                                  ½ t. cinnamon

                                                                  ½ t. salt

                                                                  1 c. chopped walnuts

                                                                  Mix the bananas, yogurt and baking soda in a small bowl and let sit for five minutes. Add the egg whites, sugar, oil and vanilla and mix very well. In another bowl, mix the flour, baking powder, cinnamon and salt. Add to the wet ingredients, stirring just until blended. Fold in the walnuts.

                                                                  Spray a 9 x 5” loaf pan with cooking oil, and fill with the batter. Bake at 350 for 60 minutes, until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

                                                                  Photo here: http://www.whatwouldcathyeat.com/2010...

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                                                                  1. re: cathyeats

                                                                    Cathy, your loaf looks a lot less dense than mine. More cakey, very nice looking browning, too.

                                                                    I'll try this version next time, thanks!

                                                                    1. re: cathyeats

                                                                      Cathy- I tried your banana bread this weekend and it's delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

                                                                    2. http://www.foodnetwork.ca/recipes/Fru...

                                                                      That is my favourite banana bread recipe. It does use white flour, but there is some bran and flax in it, as well as very little sugar and very little butter. I sometimes substitute the yogurt for sour cream.

                                                                      1. I just made this banana bread yesterday, and it was so moist and delicious. Unlike normal banana bread uses lots of butter, this recipe uses apple sauce, butter and vegetable oil, which makes the banana bread super moist and tasty but much lower saturated fat. It's also made from whole wheat flour that adds extra fiber. Chocolate chips and walnuts add extra yumminess and goodness. I gave alway a few slices to my neighbours, and they all just loved it. Of course, the entire loaf didn't last long, before it reached temperature, it's almost gone...

                                                                        Applesauce Banana, Chocolate Chips and Nuts Bread
                                                                        2 tablespoons butter, unsalted melted
                                                                        2 tablespoons canola oil or light olive oil
                                                                        1/4 cup applesauce natural, unsweetened
                                                                        1/2 cup brown sugar *
                                                                        2 large eggs
                                                                        4 small bananas ripe and mashed
                                                                        1 teaspoon baking soda
                                                                        1/2 teaspoon salt
                                                                        1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
                                                                        3/4 cup walnuts chopped
                                                                        1/2 cup chocolate chips (semi-sweet) *

                                                                        Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

                                                                        In a medium mixing bowl, whisk together melted butter, oil, applesauce and sugar until well blended.

                                                                        Add eggs and whisk until well mixed.

                                                                        Stir in mashed bananas until well combined.

                                                                        In a large bowl, whisk together baking soda, salt and whole wheat flour.

                                                                        Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients, and mix with a wooden spoon until just incorporated and no dry spot remains.

                                                                        Pour into loaf pan that's well greased with butter,

                                                                        Bake at 350 degrees F for about 1 hour or until a wooden stick inserted center comes out almost clean.

                                                                        Let cool in pan on a wire rack for about 30 minutes.

                                                                        Remove from pan and cool completely on wire rack.

                                                                        Leftover can be sliced, put in a zip-lock bag and store in freezer for up to 1 month or in frige for 1 week.

                                                                        The recipe is from http://recipeland.com

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                                                                            Thanks, if you are a fan of banana bread, give it a try, and you will love it without feeling guilty :) (http://recipeland.com)