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Oct 21, 2006 02:28 PM

Le Fandy, Fair Haven

We had another delicious meal once again at Le Fandy. Chef Ong is amazing! I had the butternut squash soup to start followed by a halibut steak with saute'ed onions and portobello mushrooms. My husband had the lobster crepes (which I ALWAYS order because they are so delightful!) and he had the seared striplion with mashed and brussel sprouts.

Since I have first been here over the summer, I cannot tell you how many times I have dined here now! The food is wonderful, but I cnnot figure out why there is not a line out the door? The food is on such a high caliber, and the service is always a pleasure. Perhaps he is not in the right spot? I don't know, but I simply adore the place! I don't mind drivng 40 - 45 minutes either to get here.

I am looking forward to my next visit to Le Fandy!

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  1. I agree, Chef Ong is terrific. As to why no line out the door... as a fellow chef, I've come to understand that the chefs that just simply turn out exceptional food, without fanfare, without PR people, without calling publications to beg for interviews, often are overlooked. But I and, I suspect, Chef Ong would have it no other way.

    While it's always nice to get a good review in a major area publication, the food should be able to speak for it's self. The fact that Le Fandy is still in business and doing well after several years and a change of ownership, is testament to the fine food and service you will find when you walk through their door. In an industry that has the highest failure rate in the world, that says more than any review can.

    1. I love this place.

      We should have a chowhound meal there one day. But somebody else has to organize it. I am sticking to eating and, occasionally, complaining.

      I just wish they would have daily specials or something to throw in a bit of variety.

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        Hi Seal! The other night they did have one special, Grouper, I believe, but I don't like grouper. The butternut squash soup was also a special.

        Thanks for your post also foodreview. I agree with you as well!

      2. lol.

        This thread made me make reservations for dinner for
        the wife and I next Saturday night. Any local hounds
        who want to can make early (6:30) reservations and we
        can say hello. Just look for the bald guy sitting with
        the woman who is waaay too good looking for him.

        By the way, anyone friendly with the owner? I would love
        to get them to do a truffle tasting there.

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        1. re: seal

          I would LOVE to go, since afterall I love the place. We will be at a cocktail party in Manhattan on Sat. night. Please definatley post what you ate. My mouth is already watering!

        2. We finally made it to Le Fandy this evening. Wow! Wow! Wow!

          We arrived at 8:15 and were surprised to find the place nearly empty. There was only one table occupied, and that couple left soon after we were seated, so we had the place to ourselves.

          Actually, we had been there once before during the previous ownership. The food then was quite good, and we liked the country French-style ambiance. While the decor remains the same, the cuisine of Chef/owner Ong is, in my view, many notches higher. In a word: superb!!

          We were offered a choice of 4 different kinds of rolls. I chose sour dough while my husband took the last of the onion rolls. Both were delicious. Butter was at the proper temperature for ease of spreading.

          While the menu is not huge, it is well-balanced and very interesting. My husband started with the soup du jour, a refined seafood chowder. He was pleased but I have to admit that when I tasted it, I found it just a bit too "seafood-y." My appetizer was a melange of diced vegetable topped with a very generous disk of goat cheese, heated through, and upon which Chef Ong artfully arranged some properly-dressed mesclun. This dish reminded me of the classic "petatou" though that is made with potatoes. Chef Ong's creation is a delicious mix of flavors and textures.

          For the main course, we both chose the wild salmon en croute. But this was no ordinary rendition of that dish. Chef Ong wraps the salmon in rice paper and fries it so that the wrap is super crisp, yet totally greaseless, while the salmon is cooked through and still manages to remain moist. The salmon rested on a bed of white flagelots cooked in a flavor-filled tomato broth. As we ate, we kept "ooh"-ing and "ah"-ing, totally bowled over by how absolutely sensational this dish was.

          We did not order dessert.

          Our server, Eileen, was friendly and attentive. The meal, including tax & tip, cost $100.

          I have my eye on the foie gras and the duck breast. Needless to say, we'll be going back to Le Fandy *very* soon!

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          1. re: RGR

            Ooh, R! Thank you for your post. That just got bumped up to the top of the list. I like the idea of using rice paper in this kind of application, nice.

          2. RGR - Your meal sounds great. My wife and I tried to go two weeks ago but they were booked. This weekend we are trying Copper Canyon, but after that we will definitely try Le Fandy.