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Oct 21, 2006 01:05 PM

Romantic DC Restaurant for a Sunday night (is anything open?)

A friend has asked me to suggest a good restaurant to take her boyfriend to for his birthday. She wants something romantic, BUT it's for a Sunday night. Any thoughts?

(I think she booked a reservation at 1789, but wanted other options, as well.)

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  1. "Romantic" might be a stretch, but Capital Grille has been my go-to when a special occasion falls on a Sunday. Les Halles and Bistro d'Oc are also open, for a less upscale, more Frenchified take on romance.

    There's also Blue Duck Tavern, in the something-new department.

    So ... I'm probably not improving much on 1789. I've been there only once, downstairs, but be aware that some consider the upstairs seating there vastly inferior.

    1. Citronelle is open Sunday nights.

      PS: The downstairs seating at 1789 is nice if you like dark, fireplace kind of rooms. Upstairs is more open, light, airy on the alley side, kinda dark on the front side. I've sat in them all and all are fine, just different atmosphere The only place I wouldn't sit is in the bar area.

      1. Little Fountain is open, I think. I'd check to see if either of the Noras are open.

        1. I believe the Tabard Inn is open Sunday nights - it's one of my favorite cozy, romantic restaurants.