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Oct 21, 2006 12:07 PM

Hot and Crusty

Before I left the NYC and moved to WNY, one of my biggest joys was getting a Hot and Crusty biscotti prior to NYRanger games. I have yet to find a biscotti with the same density and sugar content anywhere. It would melt in my mouth!

Does anyone know either 1) if they have locations (under the Hot and Crusty name or any other name) outside NYC and 2) if they ship? I checked their website and could not find this info....

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  1. There's a Hot & Crusty on Broadway and 87th Street. I haven't had (nor have I seen) biscotti there.

    1. I really wonder about Hot and crusty being the spot for Biscotti. They have a few locations but IMO they are generally average at best.

      1. Yes. it's just an average chain-let with a couple good things though: walnut raisin rolls I recall are good.

        1. I got a black & white a few days ago at the 87th/B'way location and liked it very much. Good vanilla taste.