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Oct 21, 2006 11:09 AM

Calling for reviews of Amadeus on Richmond

I've heard good things in the foodie media about Amadeus, the new Austrian place on Richmond, but now would like to hear from my fellow Chowhounds before I try it.

What is your opinion of Amadeus??

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  1. This week I had a couple beers and dinner at the bar in the brauhaus side of the restaurant. They have gone the distance to give it a feel with traditional look and the staff sporting lederhosen and dirndl type garments. I could hear an oomp pah band coming from the back, but it wasn't too loud. The gulasch and spaetzle were fine. The gulasch was pretty mild. The spaetzle weren't lumpy or sticking together which is always good. My neighbour's sausage plates looked very appetizing. The prezl is close to as good as one from Dimpflmeiers; and it is served with a jar of mustard. I would go back to try some more.

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        Just a note that I got good prompt service, but I guess that goes with the territory when one sits at the bar.