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Oct 21, 2006 07:13 AM

Tiff's Treats in downtown Dallas

For recent transplants from Austin: Tiff's Treats has opened a location in downtown Dallas. For the uninitiated: Treats will deliver fresh-baked cookies within an hour to the downtown area. My office has already ordered them 4 times within the last 3 weeks. The cookies themselves are good, but the bonus is that they really are warm from the oven when they arrive. My personal favorites are the white chocolate almond and the snickerdoodle, though chocolate chip seems to be the most popular (of course) in the office.

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  1. We ordered these today at work. We loved the cookies, but were disappointed when they told us you had to order at least half a dozen of a certain kind. You couldn't order just one chocolate chip, 3 oatmeal ch. chip, 5 snickerdoodles, 3 oat raisins to make a dozen. Delicious though!

    1. Yeah, Tiff's treats is really good. I'm not sure about Dallas, but here in Austin, they serve a ice cream sandwich (two cookies with lots of ice cream in the middle). It is amazing! Perfect for a hot day.

      1. I ordered these as a birthday gift for a friend. They were delivered to her office warm and delicious. I got many thanks for that. Next time I am going to order cold milk too!