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Oct 21, 2006 06:12 AM

Asian Shaved Ice in cold Minnesota?

Anyone know where I can find some delicious Asian shaved ice in Minnesota? I'm not talking about the rainbow Hawaiian shaved ice, but rather the Taiwanese and Korean styles of shaved ice.

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  1. You can get Taiwanese shaved ice (as well as a lot of other great stuff, especially vegetarian friendly stuff) at E-Noodle Cafe. They're in the McCarron Hill Shopping Center. The address is 1711 Rice Street in Roseville (about half a block north of Larpenteur)

    I've been meaning to write a full review of the place for a while. The only two people I've seen working there in my 5 or 6 visits have been the husband and wife who own the place. The soups are spectacular - my favorite is the Japanese Wanton Soup with Udon noodles. (Ground shrimp and pork wonton, fish cake, egg, and seaweed with udon noodles) Oh, and it is CHEAP too - a huge bowl is $6.25. The bowl is so big, you don't get a soup spoon, you get a small ladel and some chopsticks. Their soups are what I'll be eating all winter.

    From the vegetarian appetizer side, the "Crunch Bean Curd Seaweed" is addictive. A piece of seaweed is attached to bean curd, and then pieces are deep fried, and drizzled with homemade teriyaki sauce. The result are small crunchy bites of flaky bean curd and seaweed. I could eat them all day long.

    The Vegetarian menu also features many, many, many items I haven't seen anywhere else in the area. The Chowish Lurker really enjoyed the Rainbow Party (Hae-Rong, Tofu Tender, Wheat Flour Gluten Tender, Tofu, Konnyoku) with New Thai-Style Spicy Chili Sauce with Palm Sugar.

    To bring this back on topic, and since I have the take out menu in front of me, here's the list of flavors for Shaved Ice Taiwan Style: Red Bean (I had this one, yummy!), Green Lentis, Ai Yu, Grass Jelly, Pineapple, Almond Jelly, Ly Chee, Strawberry, Coconut Jelly. (The first 5 are $2.50, the last 4 are $3.25, or you can get a combo plate of any 4 flavors for $5.75)

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      man, I gotta go back to e-noodle, we went there once a long time ago and liked it, but forgot about it. Note to self: go back there.

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        Thank you for this report, Danny. (I've bookmarked it so I can find it again.) I can't wait to try this place. Now that winter is nearly upon us, I think I'll be eating a lot more soup, too.


      2. Bumping this up to ask about e-noodle. We went tonight based on the positive reviews here and were really disappointed. I didn't remember exactly which dishes were recommended so I got the kimchi and seafood rice plate (wasn't feeling soup) and my husband got the 1st soup listed on the menu - it had beef and 2 types of noodles, one of them being green bean noodles which intriqued us.

        Both dishes were blah - I'd much rather get soup from Tanpopo or Saigon. The beef was almost like pot roast and the noodles totally uninspired. The rice plate was mediocre with dried out rice and a corn and pea medley as a side. I've never had corn at an Asian restaurant!

        What did we do wrong? We did get a salty bean curd appetizer which was novel and tasty. Should we give it another shot with some different entree choices?

        1. Sorry to hear about your disappointment with E-Noodle. It's been over a year since I've eaten there. I used to always get the Japanese Udon Noodles w/Salmon, that was really good. I've heard good things about the Japanese Pork Chops and one of the Beef Noodle soups too. I like the eggrolls as an appetizer also. I thought for the prices it was fairly reasonable, granted, I tend to go to Saigon a lot more, just because it's more convenient. E-Noodle is very much a mom and pop shop, and their entree selections tend to be more 'home-style chinese/asian cooking'(hence, the corn and pea medley) instead of the more complex items you get at other restaurants.