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Oct 21, 2006 05:28 AM

Seven Star Pepper (Seattle)

After wanting to go there forever...I finally went to Seven Star Pepper tonight. I was a bit lost about what to order. After looking at the menu for what seemed like forever, the server was determined to take our order. I panicked and ordered: Green Onion Pancakes, Mongolian Beef, a chicken and noodle dish that our server suggested and the green beans.

It was all quite tasty but I have a feeling that I missed something. The guys at the table next to us had ordered 4 orders of the House Special Chow Mien with Shaven Noodle, one for the table and 3 to go. Too bad I had already ordered. If it’s good enough to order 4 of them, I should have tried it.

I will be going there again soon, so I’d like to know...what are YOUR favorite dishes at Seven Star Pepper?

Thank you!

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  1. Jane, The house special chowmein with hand cut noodles is a universal favorite as is the crab. I've bravely tried the spicy pork intestine and recommend it for Chowhounds that are weary of the norm. (It's a great option if someone asks you to bring a dish to a party. They'll know it's not a cassarole.) Their hotpots are also well worth savoring. I really haven't had a bad dish there so take your time and run the menu.

    1. There is a dish on the menu called Boiled Fish in Spicy Sauce which is not bad (and not as spicy as it sounds). THe King's Special Tofu is also not bad. I find their food to be somewhat monochromatic compared to Cantonese food but that's just me.

      1. You MUST try:
        Szechuan crab (if you can handle spicy-otherwise the ginger/green onion crab is good)
        House special pancake (better than the green onion one)
        Sting beans in hot oil (in the appetizer section-it's not as spicy as it sounds)
        Chong Gin hot chicken
        Hot pepper shredded potato (hmm, maybe this one isn't a must try for everyone, but I absolutely love it)

        Other things that are very very good:
        Wontons in hot oil
        Whole fish in black bean sauce
        Pea vines (not on the menu-ask if the have them)
        Tofu with double mushroom
        Szechuan diced cucumber
        I've had very good eggplant and bok choy dishes there, but the exact names escape me. The vegetable dishes are generally good-they are always cooked just right.

        I've had many other good things there, too, but I think I would recommend these for you to try next.

        Even though I am in general a noodle freak, I don't usually order the chow mein that you are talking about. I've had it, it's pretty good, but it's just not one of the dishes that blows me away.

        1. They have a dish with the handcut noodles with pork and pickled cabbage--that's by far my favorite. Also, the cumin lamb dish is interesting, in a good way.

          1. we get the dan dan noodles every time we are there (a little like peanut sauce but runnier, delicious flavor, a little different every time) with hand shaven noodles and no pork (i'm sure it's good with pork, we just don't happen to eat it).
            we also get a vegetable dish every time we are there, usually the eggplant in garlic sauce.
            the cumin lamb is a big favorite as well. the lamb is always perfectly cooked little pieces with veges and you put it over rice. it's less saucy than other cut up meat and vege dishes but it's really good.
            we also like the geen onion pancakes.