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Oct 21, 2006 04:23 AM

Need Balto recs for one night visit - Fed Hill or Fell's Point.

My husband and his friends will be in town from NYC next week for the Notre Dame/Navy game. I used to live in Balto and would like to recommend some great bars for them to hit as well as a place to get a good meal that's not particularly upscale since they'll be coming from a football game. Since I've been gone for over 6 years, I'd like to hear what's new as well as make sure my suggestions are still sound.

If they stay on the west side of the harbor, I suggested beers and oysters at Cross Street Market, though I don't remember what time it opens or closes. There's a bar nearby on Charles that I used to like, but the name escapes me -- across from the Indian restaurant, it has a lovely mahogany bar. I couldn't think of any really tasty fare in that nabe (again, that wasn't too upscale.) I always thought Regi's was only eh.

If they venture to Fell's Point, I said drink beer and get steamed shrimp at John Steven, and possibly even eat there, though I think Duda's is also a good choice.

What do you think of my suggestions, and, along the same vein, what else might you suggest? Thanks!

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  1. Fells: Red Star is another place worth checking out. Good beer and food. I've heard good things about John Steven's, though I've never been there myself

    Federal: Of the Charles St bars, I like Ropewalk (as long as it's not a weekend night). Thirsty Dog on Cross has great beers and amazing single-serving pizzas.

    1. Definately hit Cross Street Market, they open early but during the week I think close at 6 or 7, later on the weekends. On Fort Avenue towards Locust Point is Captain Larry's, good beer and steamed shrimp. I also agree with The Thirty Dog recommendation.
      In Fells Point, John Stevens is an OK selection, I like Dudas better. Also The Waterfront Hotel on Thames has decent food and beer selection. If they want a little more upscale, Henningers Tavern has a great bar/appetizers menu. If they venture a little further east to Canton, Mamas on the Half Shell is a must!!
      You will get tons more suggestions!

      1. Cross Street is a great option.

        I would tell them to avoid John Stevens and go to Duda's.

        Slainte on Thames is also a great spot for beer and Irish fare.

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          Query: will they be walking or driving? Notre Dame/Navy game starts at 2:30; I doubt they will be out in time to make Cross Street Market.

          I'd tell them to head over to Fells Point and check out either Waterfront, One Eyed Mike's, or Dudas. All are bars with much better than average food; none too pricey. They can hit all three if so inclined. Particularly if they are driving, since parking in Federal Hill can be a pain.

          I would agree with avoiding John Stevens rec as well.

          There's a bunch of other places in Fells Point to hit too. It will be the Saturday before Halloween, so Fells Point should be hopping that night.

          Of course, maybe that's a reason you'll want to send them to Federal Hill. :-)

          1. re: atls21231

            I am pretty sure the Market is open until around 9 or so on Friday and Saturday, they just need to call to find out!