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Pegu Club, Milk and Honey - any others?

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Are there any other places in Manhattan that do the quality of cocktails as Pegu Club and Milk and Honey?

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  1. Plenty. Flatiron Lounge and Little Branch, East Side Co. Bar (the latter 2 have the same owners as M&H).

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      add employees only to that group.

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        I had no idea that M&H's owner had two other bars. Learn something new every day on CH ;) How do they compare? I love M&H but it can sometimes be a hassle to get in when you havent planned.

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          I haven't been to M&H, so I can't compare.

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            Haven't been to Long Branch but east side is much different than M&H. East Side has the same speak easy type entrance but the vibe is much more relaxed. You also don't get the same level of service - you order from the menu and don't get the invetiveness that you get at M&H. Cocktails are good but it's a different experience.

        2. Bar Masa has seasonal fresh fruit cocktails.

          1. Add Temple Bar in Noho

            1. Thanks. I'm about to go through the process of trying to get into Milk and Honey. I will be in NYC on Monday for a quick business trip and am hoping to go there on Monday evening. I have a phone number. Any words of wisdom?

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                Well you can only book a reservation a) the day before and b) if you plan to get there by 10pm. So my advice to you is plan to get there before 10 and call the day before (they open at 9).

                If you plan to go after 10, its just luck of the draw if they have a table available when you call a half hour before you want to drop in. If you're willing to sit at the bar, that can help too (I actually prefer to sit at the bar, its fun to watch them work there and to admire the 3 different types of ice, etc).

                I would think Monday wouldnt be too hard though at any time.

              2. add...pravda, double 7, bette, tasting room, town and country to your list of fresh and correctly made cocktails

                1. How do the places listed compare on price?

                  1. Angel's Share.
                    I love that place.

                    8 Stuyvesant St. (one street north of St. Mark's Place)
                    2nd floor
                    just east of 3rd avenue

                    Pegu Club, Employees Only, Milk and Honey, and East Side Company are all great and have already been recommended.

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                      Agreed on Angel's Share--what a great, hidden gem.

                      (Don't bring more than 4 people, and wait for them to seat you.)

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                        third Angel's Share. You have to wait to be seated. It will be worth the wait. It's the best place to find out what classic cocktails are supposed to taste like--they make them impeccably. Also nice for fun drinks made with Japanese flavors like yuzu and shiso.

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                          Yeah, but the attitude can be a night killer. If you look like you're under 25, be prepared to run up against snobbery and rudeness the likes of which you've never seen before.

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                            that's funny, I was going to add to my post that I have NOT experienced attitude at AS, as I am wary about having to deal with attitude at some of the other spots mentioned. The only attitude was from the guy atthe front trying to deal with people who weren't "getting" that you have to wait to be seated.

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                              I was shocked as anyone because I had only heard such great things about the place. We were all too willing to wait to be sat, but the bartender told us that we couldn't wait, and that he wasn't going to ask us to leave, but "it would be better for everyone" if we did. I was really put off with that attitude, and I really don't think I'll ever go back because of it.

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                                fair enough...that doesnt sound nice at all, but it is surprising, I have been there numerous times and never encountered behavior like that from anyone there.

                    2. Try an Angel's Kiss at Angel's Share (gin and apricot? really?). Also try Mas' bar in the West Village. Handmade, handsqueezed everything and oysters and you can reserve to dine there in advance.

                      1. Can someone help with the new number for Milk and Honey? Frustratingly, they've changed it and the one in my phone no longer works!

                        1. double 7 is closed, at least temporarily...
                          sachas west village joint is little branch not long branch
                          others for the list:
                          death and co.
                          blue owl (the back room is particularly great for parties)

                          1. Brandy Library in Tribeca should be on that list.

                            1. I echo the opinions on Angels Share. I only recall professionalism there - No 'tudes.

                              I had a bad experience at East Side Co. - I was there for my birthday last year (mid jan). It was a cute enough space, alright, but all of my guest were FREEZING. We left our hats and coats on, which was not comfortable. The little portable space heaters they had there were no consolation. Perhaps they have the HVAC in better order now?

                              1. Bemelman's in the Carlyle (sp?) hotel. It's very old-school--not trendy like Pugu, Flatiron, and most of the downtown places--but they have excellent cocktails. In fact, Audrey Sanders, owner of Pegu, used to work there.


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                                  I'll second Bemelman's. The atmosphere and service are strictly what I'd consider Old New York (and that's a good thing), but they have some house cocktails with a very modern sensibility - I'm thinking of the Gin-Gin Mule and especially of the Agavarita, or whatever they call it, essentially a mild margarita with an egg in it. The latter's not the best thing on the menu, but it feels decidedly new-school to me (again, not necessarily a bad thing in terms of cocktails - it beats a port flip).