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Oct 21, 2006 03:30 AM

chinese food in bloor west village

there's a lot of good food to be had on the stretch of bloor between keele and jane but for some reason chinese cuisine is totally under-representented (read: non-existent) in the bwv 'hood. there's a place called PJ Wong's that recently opened up but for the life of me i can't name a single other chinese eatery in the nabe. am i missing something?

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  1. While I can't say that I agree with you on this generally being a good food neighborhood(Bloom being the notable exception), you are certainly right that it lacks Chinese food. The nearest place that I have found is the Westwood Grill on Annette near Runnymede. It is mostly a take out place, but they do have tables. The address is 519 Annette and the phone is 416-604-8822. The food is good. Try it and see what you think.

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      What's keeping you from the dozens of places in and around Dundas+Spadina? That stretch of Bloor has never had anything approaching a Chinese community; in fact, until the Koreans started showing up in the early '80s, Bloor was a kind of E. Asian-free zone west of Bathhurst.Otherwise head west into nearby Mississauga.

    2. I'm another west-ender: What keeps me from Dundas+Spadina? Nothing...

      ... but it'd be great to be able to get some good chinese food near where I live. Good local takeout or delivery would be good too.

      1. We live in Bloor West and often go down to Spadina/Dundas for Chinese food or we head West to Mississauga to the Chinatown Center there. On the odd occassion, we'll get take out from Westown (Dundas West area).

        I can't recommend Westwood Grill. I got take out stir fry noodles once and the bottom was burnt and the whole container of food was was a mess!

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          Hmmm... Westown is around the corner from me - had a look at their menu once, but I don't recall it looking that good. Any recommendations on what to try from here?

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            I am not agree with you. I ordered the chinese food from Westwood Grill today, their food was excellent, especially the salt and pepper soft shell Crab and also the szechuan shanghai noodle.

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              I talk to my friends about the foods in Westwood Grill, they all said the food are really good. They are really busy especially on Friday,you must make an reservation for the seat. otherwise, they saw the police were ordered from them, too. If the food was that bad, you can't see that.

              I lived in the bloor west village for 6 years, actually you still can found some good restaurants. Not just only in China Town.

          2. Lotus Inn near Dundas and Runnymede makes pretty good non-greasy Chinese. The General Jor's chicken is great, as is the curry tofu (total comfort food). My only real complaint is that they tend to under-spice their dishes, so make sure to ask for extra heat if you want it.


            1. I used to live in the area and remember a place called Buddha House on Jane just south of Annette. As I recall, it wasn't bad. Not sure if it is still there. And yes, Lotus Inn was good too.