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Oct 21, 2006 03:22 AM

Chilaquiles at La Calaca Loca (Temescal, Oakland) = cheapest & best mexican brunch around

Ever since rworange posted about these I have been mad for them. My husband and I have been going EVERY weekend (they only serve them on the weekends) for these chilaquiles. It is a huge serving of chips in the best salsas - red or green - they are both great so I just alternate. They also cook some roasted chiles in with the chilaquiles too. I love their salsa so much I asked if I could buy some to take home and they said they don't really have containers for that but they'd give me a bunch of little containers for, no thanks then. The salsas are in the small fridge in squeeze bottles if you don't see them. They have the perfect heat and are full of flavor.

The chilaquiles come with fresh pinto beans spinkled with cojita, a side of crema, and the eggs of your choice (the scrambled are overcooked sometimes but I get them on the side anyway). It is a HUGE serving and only $5 !!! Brunch for two = $10! The price of a usual entree at any other place. Usually only a few tables full in there. The agua frescas are yummy too and service is casual & friendly.

The perfect pit-stop before heading to the Sunday Temescal Farmers Market.

*note: Cafe Pippo, their sister restaurant a few doors down makes a mean tuna sandwich bursting with green olives and capers. Mmmm.

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  1. Okay okay, I finally went. It's true, the chilaquiles are delicious! I had the verdes with fried eggs. The salsa was complex and actually had some kick to it. They also put strips of roasted poblando peppers in the chilaquiles. A bonus in my opinion!

    The funny thing was that we were sent next door to Cafe Pippo to get our coffee. Pippo serves it in ceramic mugs but you have to walk it back to the taqueria. The espresso and coffee were both up to fancy schmancy standards of chowhounds.

    Thanks for the push everyone!

    1. Glad you liked them. Have either of you tried the pastries at Caffe Pippo. Someone was telling me they have some lemon-filled custard pastry that was amazing.

      I can now officially say that the crispy fish taco at La Calaca Loca is the same as fish taco at Nick's Crispy Taco, having had my first taco at Nick's yesterday. Even the same red and green sauce ... well, they were pretty close to similar ... I had the feeling there was some difference ... will have to have another fish taco at LCL for research purposes.