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Oct 21, 2006 02:55 AM

Memphis Minnie's - Disappointment

I'm a recent transplant to SF from the Midwest, and tried MM for the first time. Sadly, I was very disappointed. My friend and I had the combo plate and we ordered the pork ribs, shoulder and turkey, plus a half-pound of rib tips. Everything was bland, dry and rubbery. The sides: sweet potato, cole slaw, and the collard greens, aside from the texture differences (which was a function of different ingredients), they all tasted the same, which would have been alright if they were good, but they weren't. They all tasted like any kind of over-cooked, generic vegetable with too much vinegar. Did I miss something, or was I expecting too much? I really thought it would be good based on the reviews I've read here. Do'H!

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  1. I've had MM's pork ribs, brisket, and pulled pork many times over many years and have never found any of it dry or rubbery or bland. Never had their turkey or rib tips. I don't know if you were there on a bad day if our tasters are different (I'm also a midwest transplant, just not recent).

    1. I have to agree with Mogravey. We went once, ate pork ribs. Found them to be short on flavor, long on fat. The sides - dry corn bread, one flavor greens, grocery store quality coleslaw.

      1. Wow, sorry the experience wasn't a good one. We in the bay area recognize that our menagerie of BBQ isn't necessarily up to true Memphis standards or KC or NC or Texas if that's your particular preference. That being said, MM's is one of the more popular and I have to say for me, personally, MM means one thing and one thing only...brisket. I too find their greens on the sour side, but man the brisket is awesome! For ribs, I have to come back over the bridge to Oakland and Lafayette or down the Penninsula, but that's how I've come to terms with our BBQ. It's more of hunt and peck strategy, but I have yet to find a smoke pit that does it all really well.

        All that being said, I'm sure you'll figure out your favorites as time marches on. Remember, feed the inner Chowhound and you'll be rewarded, this one meal was but a rest stop on the long and winding (and tasty) road of a true 'Hound :)

        a sante,

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          I agree with you Curtis, MM's is all about their brisket. But I also like their rib tips, seasoned fries and sweet tea.

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            MM's is also good for the weekend brunch. The cheese grits are addictive and the pork hash with apples and greens is a pleasing combination. I only wish the biscuits and gravy had more gravy, but the biscuits were great by themselves.

            1. re: Peter Yee

              You missed a recent thread....Weekend Brunch at MM's is no more...the cook who prepared those goodies is moving to Santa Barbara!!!
              We are bereft...

          2. I have to agree with you. MM is pretty average for BBQ. I'd call it "not bad". I mean, they use real smoke and all. The sides are decent. But none of it is even in the top third as authentic BBQ goes. But then, there isn't a lot of that tradition around the Bay Area. We prefer Henry's High Life in San Jose, it's the best BBQ we've found so far around here.

            1. Yah, it's a relative thing. If you're from North Carolina or something, then you're probably not going to be impressed by Memphis Minnie's. But considering the cost-value of the food, combined with its relative quality, I still think Minnie's is worth a visit. Temper your expectations, and try the brisket next time...

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                1. re: ChowFun_derek

                  hahaha, excellent pointer Derek, and so much nicer than asking for the fatty marbled piece :)