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Best Bagels on the upper west side between 77th and 100 streets on or near broadway- with butter/jelly and a place to sit down

i was in the city on thursday.i guess ive been gone too long- i moved away over 2 years ago- when i went into H&H bagel and wanted a sourdough bagel with butter. not only dont they butter or put other things on their bagels-though they do sell butter and cream cheese,etc on the coolers.though they have plenty of room theres no tables or chairs availiable.

fortunately the weather was good and i was able to sit on a bench and watch the world go by while eating my unbuttered sourdough bagel-$1.10 for one bagel. :(

if anyone knows of a good bagel place as mentioned above where one can bave their bagel any way they want it and can sit down as well please let me know.thank you.

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  1. Lenny's, Columbus @84th (though I usually go to the one on Columbus b/w 74th and 75th), is a great place for breakfast. I think they use H&H bagels, not completely sure about that.


    1. Absolute Bagels, if you're willing to venture up to 103d St. on B'way.

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        I'm pretty sure Absolute is at 107th.

      2. Seconding Absolute, but yes it's at 107th. Show up in the morning and grab one fresh, though if the weather is nice consider taking it outside and sitting on a bench at Riverside.

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          Definitely Absolute. Best bagels in Manhattan, in my opinion.

        2. Lenny's Bagels (different from the Lenny's referred to above) at 98th and Broadway has great bagels and a small seating area. Service is a bit chaotic if you are going during bagel rush hours.

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            I third Lenny's on 98th and B'way and Absolute... Lenny's was closer so it was our regular spot... though Lenny's spreads were not my favorite, their bagels are damn good...

          2. Absolute is an excellent choice. Lenny's is a good second option, though a bit dingy. Can we have a moment of silence on memory of Columbia Hot Bagels? Does anyone know of another source for caraway bagels?

            1. Right across the street from H&H is Zabar's cafe, , You can sit and eat and I think it's only one dollar with cream cheese.

              1. H&H didn't put anything on their bagels 2 years ago either.

                And I'll also cast my vote for absolute bagel.

                1. One more vote for Lenny's on 98th

                  1. I have been to both bagel places countless times each and have to say that is a toss up - both are excellent. Probably my favorite bagel places in the world. Lenny's just raised their prices for tofu cream cheese bagels for the 2nd time in about a month, which sucks...

                    1. Tal Bagels Bway bet 90 & 91 fits the bill. the bagels are good not great you can sit and they will butter and/or cream cheese yr bagel tho the coffee sucks and the smoked fish and salads etc don't look all that "appetizing" in the display cases

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                        I also like Tal. The kosher place on Amsterdam between 78-79, on the East side of the ave., is also very good. what's it called?

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                          i really enjoy the tal bagels on the east side in midtown, but since moving to the UWS i decided to try the tal on bwy/90. big mistake. i tried some of their egg salad, which was ALL mayo. there were also several eggshells that had gotten crushed into the mixture, which made it reeeally unpleasant to eat. which is a shame, because i love egg salad. i also got a plain bagel (which was fine), with lite cream cheese and lox. the lox was dry and overly salted. not appetizing at all.