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Oct 21, 2006 02:26 AM

Romantic B-Day Suggestions Needed - Overtures not available

We called Overtures tonight to make dinner reservations for Saturday night reservations in November. They are closed that night for a private party! Now that's a bummer. We been to Pif several times recently and we wanted to try someplace new. Only requirement is that they take reservations and noise level is reasonable. Thanks.

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  1. I never know quite what people mean when they specify "romantic," but here are some suggestions: Sovalo, Tangerine, Caffe Casta Diva, the rear dining room at Branzino, Deux Chiminees, Estia.

    I like Overtures very much, but find it noisy on weekends.

    1. Try Panorama. The have delicous food, great atmosphere, and incredible wine list. Definitely recommend sitting in the bar area. In my opinion, it is the most romantic restaurant in the area (though it is where my husband proposed so I could be biased).

      1. Deux Cheminee. Very romantic, small rooms in a townhome. Classic dishes done well. No nouveau anything.

        1. If you're willing to travel to West Chester, Gilmore's is a very romantic byob with wonderful food.

          1. fri sat sun is about the most romantic restaurant i have ever seen, and i know a lot of people here love their food. i have not been for dinner yet, but we spend a lot of time in the bar.

            also, astral plane was great to us on v-day. the tapastries covering the ceiling makes the dining room much more private than it would appear. try asking for a corner table here.

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              Fri. Sat and Sunday was one of my favorites about 20 years ago (the tank bar is still a great atmosphere). However, I had dinner there last year (admittedly, Valentine's Day) and won't go back. Service was bad, food was mediocre and wine was too warm in tiny glasses. It's gone from romantic to a bit seedy. Never eaten at Astral Plane but rarely read anything good about it foodwise.