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Oct 21, 2006 01:14 AM

Fantastic mustard at Blue Ribbon Market

I was in Blue Ribbon Market last Saturday to get a sandwich: smoked duck breast with honey. It was served with the most amazing (non-whole grain) Dijon mustard, which had an intense, vibrant flavor and an incredibly long finish, like a great wine. They sell it under their own brand for something like $4. I bought a bottle and have since used it on a couple of sandwiches, where it's stolen the show.

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  1. What an amazing description! Thank you!

    Their honeys are also incredible--ask to sample while you're there. My favorite is the intensely floral "Golden Reserve" though there are a bunch of other varieties, including a very herbal tasting one.

    I also love their olive oil salt foccacia bread.

    Sigh. Another thing to buy there! (According to the Chow News report-- they have both dijon and whole grain).

    More Chow News here: (This is my favorite part of the site these days).

    1. Also, the foccacia with pork and onion is great walking around snack. The honey is a necessity for any cupboard. Really nice staff at the counter.