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Oct 21, 2006 01:09 AM

Where to buy sweetbreads?

I recently had the mollejas at Lala's Grill on Melrose, which were very good. Also, mollejas tacos at King Taco are awesome.

Where can one buy fresh sweetbreads in LA? I checked Whole Foods today and did not see them in the butcher section.



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  1. I've had luck by calling ahead to Bristol Farms (Pasadena) and asking the butcher if they have it in stock. If they don't, you can ask to have them order it for you. He'll call you when it comes in.

    Bristol Farms
    (626) 441-5450


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    1. I know it's a few years later, but you can also buy molleja at any Argentinian butcher/deli/market in the LA area. This includes Mercado Buenos Aires in Van Nuys, El Camaguey Meat Market in Palms, and Argentina Grocery Inc in Pasadena. I'm sure others abound but I can vouch for the quality (and $$$) of the meats at these three. Buy a couple of Longaniza to grill with some french rolls while you're at it!

      1. McCall's Meat and Seafood in Los Feliz has them...


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          My mom kept kosher and we always had them so I assume that the kosher butchers sold them.

        2. Any place in OC selling them regularly? City of Orange in particular. I'm also looking for lamb kidneys.

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            Lamb offal is always on hand at Super Irvine in Irvine. Tongues, kidneys, as well as muscle meat.

            Can't help you with the sweetbreads.

          2. Wholesome Choice in Anaheim