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Oct 21, 2006 01:03 AM

Barnaby's in Studio City- EXCELLENT pastrami sandwich

Went to Barnaby's the other day. It's a little teriyaki and burger shack on Tujunga just south of Moorpark, accross from Aroma Cafe. We got a pastrami sandwich, a bacon cheeseburger, and chili cheese fries. Chili cheese fries were incredibly greasy and soggy; NOT recommended. Bacon cheeseburger was declared, "The BEST!," by the husband. I believe him. Usually he offers me a bite. This time he did not. I got a pastrami sandwich. It wasn't substantial, but it was DELICIOUS. They put well-carmelized onions (which MADE the sandwich), pickles, lettuce, and tomatoes on it. I think it also had 1000 island, mayo, and mustard on it, but not too much total dressing. The roll was nicely toasted. The pastrami was fantastic. Not too lean, not too fatty. Nice crispy edges, and tasted like a cross between pastrami and bacon. Again, not substantial but tasted fantastic. RECOMMENDED.
Oh, and I think they're closed on Sundays, but don't take my word for it.

Address: 4389 Tujunga Ave, Studio City, CA 91604
Phone: (818) 761-0311

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  1. OH, so that's what this place is called? Burgers and teriyaki chicken and pastrami -- why not?

    I live just around the corner from Barnaby's and can attest to their chicken teriyaki being surprisingly good and tender. At other places, the chicken is generally dry and overpowered by the sauce. Here, the chicken teriyaki is a nice standby. Very well cooked and nice for a weeknight meal. FYI, the side salad it comes with is pale green and nothing special.

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      34 years of Barnaby's and Henry's taco's.
      double cheesburger with fries DAMN good, my nephews now love this place.
      They are closed on Sundays just like henry's. The Teri Chicken is also something I order.
      We use to order from either place then walk to the s7-11 and pick up a big gulp by the time we got back the food was ready.