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Oct 21, 2006 12:28 AM

Shiro tonight

Some nights, I just want to try so many restaurants I don't know where to begin. It's like walking into a CD store (or iTunes, for that matter). Anyway, I've decided on Shiro since it's close to the homestead, and we've never been.

Any suggestions, other than the catfish, which we most likely will try?

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  1. i went to shiro last weekend and had an ok meal. the spring rolls are good and the lobster scallop dish is pretty tasty as well. for dessert we had the chocolate cake which was nice. it's served warm with coffee ice cream. i would have rather had the apple tart that our neighbor was devouring. the menu is pretty streamlined so i don't think you'll have a difficult time choosing.

    the service was, well not so great. our waiter never brought our drinks so we had to flag down the busboy. in fact, if it weren't for the busboy i would say the service was close to bad.

    personally, i feel that the decor could use some updating. it has such a early 90's feel to it and the kenny g music they were streaming didn't help matters. i would like to try orris.

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      orris is great!!The chef/owner, Shiro is only at restaurant Shiro on Thursdays

    2. They usually have the shrimp raviolis with mushroom cream sauce which make for a delicious appetizer. And be sure to ask them for the largest catfish they have available, it is so tasty.

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      1. re: Ernie

        I was just about to throw out the ravioli, really good homemande ravioli with an asian touch. Ive been to Shiro a dozen times or so, all I have ever had was ravioli and catfish...

        1. re: wilp

          OK, I am up for some abuse.
          I have read about the Shiro catfish for over 10 years. I have been back to try it 3 times to see what I am missing - bad night or what. It is always greasy and bland rather than fresh and vibrant, as described by everyone but me, and as I have experienced at several hole in the wall Valley restaurants. Three tries and no hits. Probably one of those chacun a son gout things, but the thrill is way beyond me.

          1. re: Griller141

            Huh.. Im a fish snob, and like you would notice overly-greasy fish. never had a problem.. I usually go when its slow, weekdays. maybe thats the difference.

      2. Would love to hear what you thought about your dinner!

        1. My partner and I went to Shiro a few weeks back. It was a last minute decision as Briganti was too loud. I was not impressed. I have had far better $120 dollar meals - this was overpriced and underseasoned. I had the Lobster and Scallops, and while it was good, it certainly wasn't worth $30. Too much cream in the sauce and too little spice in most everything. If you're going to drop some money on a meal in South Pas, you're better off going somewhere else, like Bistro K or Bistro de la Gare.