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Oct 21, 2006 12:18 AM

A Taste of Bartolotta in Chicago?

We went to the Las Vegas Bartolotta and it was fabulous. Can anyone recommend a Chicago restaurant that prepares food similar to Bartolotta? Thanks!

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  1. One would think that Spiaggia would be a good choice...Paul Bartolotta was the chef when the restaurant opened!

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      Spiaggia is excellent. Cafe Spiaggia is very good as well and less expensive. Ask for the Zabaglione (za-buy-yone), it's a warm custard made wine served with seasonal fruit...simple and incredible!

    2. I too loved Bartolotta. The fish is absolutely incredible. I haven't been anywhere in Chicago that does fish as pristinely and easy as Bartolotta. However, Scylla does do fish excellently. She may not be able to fly in fish from the Mediterranean daily, but the flavors, freshness, and preparations are beautiful and tasty.

      1. There are several Bartolotta restaurants in Milwaukee. Its worth the 90 mile trip if you're looking for 'Bartolotta quality!'