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Oct 20, 2006 11:52 PM

Modern Apizza. New Haven luncheon pizza fix.

Was in New Haven and decided to add one more to my pizza resume. A couple of years ago I started off at Sally's. This year I was only here for lunch so that ruled out a return visit to Wooster St. since they are all closed for lunch. Fortunately, Modern Apizza was open ..... we got there about 11:30 - just before the lunch rush and had our choice of seats. The greeter was very friendly but efficient. I had read that the red sauce was the way to go so I went with the bacon, mushrooms, eggplant and sausage. I wanted to stay a bit more simple but my wife is of the more is better school when it comes to pizza..... the bacon was tasty but pretty dominant. the eggplant was breaded and deep fried in thin discs - a bit of a surprise for us- coming from Northern California we were envisioning some thinly sliced roasted/grilled eggplant. I liked the charred bits of the crust and realized that the price for all those toppings was a less than crispy crust. It was still a tasty pie but I'd like to try a simple pie with maybe only one (dry) topping next time.
When we were ready to leave our waiter boxed up the leftover slices without being asked - everybody we had contact was they offered free refills on soft drinks. a great lunch experience, all in all.

Modern Apizza 874 State Street New Haven, CT 203. 776-5306
Closed Mon. Open Tues-Thurs 11am -11pm Fri & Sat 11am - Midnight

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  1. if you get there right as they're opening, you might have oven warmth issues.. causing lack of extreme crispness.

    1. I long to be unsatisfied by 11:30 crust. ;-)

      Modern is my new haven favorite. Modern anytime outdoes Sally's. But Pepe's on any givennight out does them all. Modern has the best toppings and rootbeer

      1. I've lived in New Haven all of my life and I have never liked Modern.