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Oct 20, 2006 11:46 PM

Donde esta great pizza?

Ok, so my friend just moved here from the East Coast & keeps lamenting that there's no good pizza places around here. I am taking on the challenge of proving him wrong by taking him on a tour of the best pizza joints in town. I have mine (Village in Larchmont), but I want to know what everyone else thinks. Chowhound majority rules on this & I will compile my list based on your recommendations. Can't wait to see the results!

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    1. Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock.

      1. Albano's and Mr. Damiano in WeHo are New York style.
        Spago for California pizza
        Antica in the marina for real Italian pizza

        1. I second your vote for Village in Larchmont. Skip Casabianca and try Tony's Pizza in San Marino or Mama's Pizza in South Pasadena.

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            depends on what kind of pizza you're looking for. one word for many variations on a theme that many are passionate about defending...

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              I third Village Pizza in Larchmont. Casa Bianca is NOT new york style. It's not really any kind of style except its own and the plain pizza it totally bleh whereas the sausage and fried eggplant as toppings transform the pizza... see my previous reply in this post:

              The one time I went to Tony's Pizza, I felt the pizzeria had the authentic look and smell, and they even had the pizzeria booths that I hadn't seen in ages (back easters know the ones, benches connected to the table in one unit, colored red, white and green) but the pizza at Tony's was too doughy and not crisp-bottomed at all. A great pizza *must* have a crust whose bottom is crispy, whereas the toppings are soft, to provide textural contrast.

              Never been to Mama's pizza... gotta try it. Similarly never been to "Tomato Pie" on Melrose east of Fairfax, but I popped my nose in yesterday and it smelled and looked authentic.

              Mr Taster

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                Casa Bianca is a Chicago style thin-crust. I agree about the sausage & eggplant. Alone these ingredients are just okay, together, they're unstoppable. It's pretty much the only type of pie I get at CB.

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                  I remember seeing your post on eggplant and sausage at Casabianca. I'll have to give it a try -- until your post I'd pretty much written it off, especially given the wait.

                  I'm sorry you were disappointed by Tony's Try giving Tony's another a chance -- and ask for your pie or your slice well done! I totally agree about the necessity of a crisp crust.

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                    Absolutely Village Pizza in Larchmont Village. In fact, I'm nibbling on a piece of pesto with sundried tomatoes this very minute- divine!

                2. Casa Bianca. Caioti. Vincenti on Monday, pizza night.