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Oct 20, 2006 11:40 PM

Favorite Sushi Joint? PDX

I am looking to venture out to more sushi restruants. I like Yuki around Lloyd center. Have tried a few others here and there. What are your fav places around the area? Thnx.

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    1. Banya on Hall Blvd in Beaverton, just off 217, has been a long time favorite. Haven't been for a while though since we moved to the other side of the river, but I've just recently heard they are still in business and still very good.

      1. If you're into the conveyor belt style sushi, then Sushiville on NW 23rd is a fun place. Kind of kitsch, with lots of options. If you're going for high quality fish and rolls, I love Mio Sushi on Johnson, also in NW Portland. Both are inexpensive, Mio's about a step up qualitywise, but Sushiville's cheaper and still good. Both are always packed, which is a great sign!

        1. Murata is the best quality sushi in town. Also, probably the most expensive, but it is really worth it. The amaebi is amazing, as is the hamachi. Heck, everything sushi rocks there. If you order the special dinner, it isn't too expensive ($15? $25? pp), but if you order nigiri, it can get to be over $30pp. Again, it's worth it.

          Other places worth eating at are:

          Hakatamon, the Japanese restaurant attached to Uwajimaya (in Beaverton). Good sushi, good value, and you get to browse 'waji after you eat! ;o)

          The Takahashi (the one on SE Holgate near 104th) - they also have a tempura menu where you can order just what you want (like nigiri) which is really nice.

          Mio is decent too (I've been to the one in Beaverton, tho, not the others).

          I really like Obi (in old town, 3rd and Davis-ish) for eel and the Oregon Roll...but I have heard that they closed. Can anyone confirm that? They had (have?) the best eel I ever had.

          I have also had a few good meals at Ichidai on SE Powell near 58th.

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            What does it mean to be "attached" to Uwaji? Is it inside the market -i.e. the deli section? I tried to go and only found pre-packaged sushi in the refrigerated section.

            1. re: edamommy

              No, there is both an entrance inside and outside to the restaurant. It's in the same building, but a separate room on the far right side, opposite from the deli area.

          2. I really find the quality of the conveyor belt sushi joints to be inferior. I think Mio is very good. Our favorite location is in N. Portland - Greely and Killingsworth.

            Hama Sushi in Hollywood is our local place with good quality sushi, though sometimes it takes a long time to arrive at our table.

            Oh, I just remembered Maki, on Main St. in Tigard. Awesome menu, and great sushi! A little out of the way for us in NE, but definitely worth the trip.