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Oct 20, 2006 11:29 PM

Gatsby's pizza is back! (Sausalito)

First the bad news... I haven't tried it yet. Now the good news...I had a late lunch today at Sartaj Indian Cafe in Sausalito (another post) and as I left and walked past next-door Rustica (used to be Gatsby's) I saw in their windows signs that said "Gatsby's pizza is back!". I was taken to Gatsby's to eat pizza 30 years ago by a friend who was from Chicago, and I liked that deep dish version enough that I had to go back periodically for a fix. I went inside and spoke to the owner, who said he recently got the former owner of Gatsby's to give him his pizza receipe and now he's making it. He said he can't be sure it's exactly the same, but he is following the recipe. He said he's making one size and indicated with his hands that it was smaller than before, then said that he's really charging "nothing" for them, $8.50 for the basic cheese if I recall correctly. Just know that Gatsby's pizza was so thick with ingredients that a small-looking piece was really filling. OK, it's back, so someone check it out. I had eaten way too much at Sartaj to even think about trying it then.

39 Caledonia Street

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  1. I know this is a very old post. Are you still around?


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    1. re: ErikKC

      I'm still around, under my given name, but Rustica isn't :-)

      1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

        Boy you could have fooled me. I thought you were a new guy. I had missed Mick's excellent comments as I noted in one post when I opined that he would have done something differently than you. Now I find you're the same guy, I'm gobsmacked.

    2. I used to eat lunch at least once a week at Gatsby's, back in the day. Maybe 25-30 years ago.

      I can still taste it.

      I'd like to get the recipe. Can you put me in touch with somebody who knows it?

      Seriously. I've been to Chicago on numerous occasions, and Gatsby's is the best Chicago deep dish I've ever had.

      Now, I live in Warsaw, Poland. I think a restaurant that served it here would do well.

      Any help, or merely pointing me in the right direction, would be appreciated.


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      1. re: ErikKC

        Google tells me that the owner of Rustica in Sausalito was Antonio Ruggerio. Now get to work and find him :-)

        1. re: Malcolm Ruthven

          I've tried that. There are lots of people by that name, most living in Italy. One guy, who works in tech, in San Francisco, and even one mobster in Federal prison, but no restauranteurs that I can find. I wonder if he's just moved on. I think I'll try the City of Sausalito. Thank you, in any event.

        1. So, still nothing. Does anybody know where I can find this guy? Maybe the original chef from back in the day is still with us?

          1. Anybody? Seriously, I'd like to start making it in Poland.