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Oct 20, 2006 11:09 PM

Rang Dong Vietnamese Restaurant (Vi's old location) Oakland, Chinatown

The traffic from the airport was a bit daunting so we stopped in Chinatown for a break. Felt like having something a bit lighter so opted to try the current occupant of Vi's old spot on Webster Street in Oakland Chinatown. It's now called Rang Dong Restaurant. I had the No. 34 Bun/Vermicelli. - Bun Bi, Thit Nuong, Cha Gio. Vermicelli with grilled port, shredded pork and egg roll. Service was friendly and quick. The place is pleasant and nicely decorated.... a cut above many casual spots to get a bowl of pho or some noodles. The grilled pork skewer had a nice char grilled taste. The shredded pork was not so interesting but I liked the crispy texture of the egg roll with the tender rice noodles. I doctored up the dressing with some of the chilli sauce on the table's condiment selection. (which was immaculately clean) The bowl had a nice portion of sprouts, herbs and vegetables. A good choice for a warm night. It was $6.25.
Rang Dong 724 Webster St. Oakland,CA 94607 510. 835-8375


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  1. Thanks for letting us know that this place is open - am assuming it is also open for lunch, like Vi's used to be? Thanks.

    1. Yes, you assume correctly. The take out menu states that they are open 7 days a week - from 10am - 9:30pm

      1. Just came back home from dinner at Rang Dong, hoping to be the first to post about it.
        Beaten to the starting line by Gordon! They've been open eight months, though.

        The smiling server told me the food was of South Vietnam. Service was excellent and food came quickly. The restroom was very clean, and the atmosphere is very nice -- they have the same paintings as the previous place (Tu Do, I think the name was).
        There were many people in the place at 6:30 Friday, though it cleared out after that. Most appeared to be Vietnamese -- we were about the only Caucasians. Almost everyone was eating pho, but I am not very knowledgeable about pho.

        We had tofu rolls (#4, $4.95); egg noodle soup with braised duck thigh (#29, $5.95) and vermicelli ("bun") with grilled chicken (#37, $6.50).

        The previous incarnation of this location served a grilled chickn vermicelli iin which the chicken was bone-in, with juicy skin. This version had slices of boneless, skinless chickn on skewers -- quite a generous amount of meat. The duck "thigh" was actually the entire leg.

        The food seemed bland, but it was filling and the price is right. I guess we should have ordered differently.

        It needs investigation by a pho expert.

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          Joel, perhaps you and other East Bay folks could shed some light on Tudo, which has apparently moved to San Francisco. Here's the thread -

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            Joel, did you have the duck soup when it was Vi's? (It was THE reason we went to Vi's.) If so how did tonight's duck soup compare? My husband and I just finished an early dinner at Binh Minh Quan. Same situation, many people in the place at 6:30. Most appeared to be Vietnamese. I seem to have ordered very similarily to Gordon. The egg rolls were practically grease-free. Lots of cool letttuce and mint to wrap around the hot rolls. I had the pork skewer and shredded pork. Both preparations were good. Portions were perhaps small but certainly enough for me. Excellent warm night choice.

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              I had the pho in July (I knew it had changed in March, but was too bummed at Pho Tu Do disappearing before I made it back there).

              The pho was.. okay. Nothing exciting to say about it, but nothing bad. Which disappointed me, because the pho at Pho Tu Do was fabulous, and it really looked like some of the same people were still there.

            2. I can't recall having duck soup at Vi's. I think my memory is going -- maybe I am getting that Alzfelder's disease.

              1. I ate there tonight and felt that I wanted to tell everyone to try this place,an elegant yet moderately priced Vietnamese place in a more than comfortable setting attended by nice folks. I really think it is a cut above.