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Oct 20, 2006 10:51 PM

Girls' B'Day Dinner in Silver Lake/Los Feliz Area - Any Good Recs for a Monday Night?

Three ladies looking for nice place in Silver Lake/Los Feliz area for birthday dinner on Monday 10/30. We like sushi, healthy bistro, etc. and good drinks. Any suggestions? Prefer no more than $25 a person if possible. Thanks!

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  1. In Los Feliz -

    We still like Vermont (on Vermont) - great cocktails too.

    Can't get behind Tiger lily - kind of gross. Super nice service, but the food is a wreck.

    In Silverlake -
    Since the weather is still warm, maybe the Edendale. The patio is nice, the drinks are good, and while the food is not amazing - if you all share some of the appetizers and salads - it may still be within your budget.

    1. Jade Cafe? I've never been there, but I've heard the menu focuses on raw, healthy fusion.

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      1. re: chica

        jade is horrible. i hate to say something that sounds so unconstructive, but i don't know anyone, nor can i even imagine anyone who likes that place.

        farfalla or san sui on hillhurst in los feliz would be good choices.

        1. re: RustyShackelford

          Wow, thanks for letting me know, so I won't try it! But what makes it so horrible?

          1. re: chica

            I wouldn't call Jade horrible, but it certainly doesn't fit the bill for a birthday dinner with drinks, unless you want your drink to be wheatgrass.

            It's all raw, wheat free, "soy cheese", etc. Pretty creative for what they do, but it wouldn't be a place I'd suggest for dinner, unless I was dining with a person who'd expressed an interest in vegan food, and vegan food only.

      2. Cliff's Edge for a nice patio and good drinks, ok food.
        Gingergrass or Cobras and Matadors for pretty good food and atmosphere, but wine and beer only.
        If you really want cocktails, Vermont and Cliff's Edge are probably your best bet. Or Malo if you feel like Mexican.

        1. How about Blair's, across the street from the Edendale? Fish dishes, cesar salad and truffled mac are often mentioned as favorites. Then you can go across the street and have a stiff drink or two on the patio at Edendale.

          1. Canele' just opened in Los Feliz and is great.