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Oct 20, 2006 10:45 PM

seeking chingale aka wild boar

can someone rec me a place to have my annual fall chingale meal? i dont care if i've had it there or not before, where have you enjoyed your wild boar? thanks.

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  1. Tough one. Most of the wild boar I encounter is shredded into a ragu and slopped onto some pappardelle. Haven't had a substantial cut since living in New Orleans. The only person/place I can even think to steer you toward would be Adam Perry Lang at Daisy Mae's, since he does whole pig roasts(with sufficient notification). If anyone has the goods on where to score a wild pig in Manhattan, it'd be him.(Nice heads-up on the obscure minimalist sculptors reference, though.)Good luck and happy (hog) hunting.

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      If you don't mind it shredded into a ragu, you might want to try Basso Est on Orchard Street.

      Or you can just try to meet a hunter. A guy I know in tulsa has a bunch of relatives in southeast Okla who killed a whole bunch of piggies and he ground some up into hamburger and sold me a few patties. Very interesting taste.

    2. Cantina Toscana on the Upper East Side. It's a Tuscan dish...yum!

      If that fails, check in with Beppe in the Flatiron District.

      Report back here with your report if you luck out.

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      1. re: Liquid Sky

        Cantina Toscana regularly has it on the menu. If not a special occasion, I would pass the boar in a second for venison chops if they have them, which I have only had there as a special, but everytime have been fabulous.

      2. Go to and use the Find-a-Food feature to find boar or cinghiale. It brings up a number of options, many that serve papparadelle with boar sauce.

        Just a quick look yielded two places that serve boar cuts: Osteria del Sole has boar chops and the new Lonesome Dove has boar shank. Several places eg. Macelleria offer boar sausage.

        You can also check in USq Greenmarket. One of the pork purveyors, either Flying Pigs or Violet Hill, offers several boar cuts: chops, jowls etc. It's hit and miss though, and when they do have it, they sell out early.

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        1. re: Pupster

          Just a tip if you are going to use the Find-a-Food feature on menupages: It's spelled cinghiale.

        2. Well, the best I've ever had was in Lucca and also in Apulia. Here in NYC - Macelleria on Gansevoort St has pappardelle alle cinghiale, w/wild boar sauce and Casa Mono on Irving Pl @ 17th has wild boar with bitter serille oranges.

          1. While I didnt order it, there was a Wild Boar entree @ Lonesome Dover last Thursday.