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Oct 20, 2006 10:33 PM

The East sides new HOT DOG spot !

Just checked out a new Hot Dog spot in East L.A.
It's called Between the Bun, the dogs are bigger than most dogs I have tried. The chili well it's gooey and meaty, served hot that it melts the shredded cheddar cheese. There is enough chili on the dog that a regular bun aint going to hold it, meaning your hands are going to get dirty (in a good way).
What I like about the dog - It's NOT a hoffey dog! You heard right, this dog comes from a sausage maker and is a family recipe. Also, the snap is juicy and its tasty.
So if your a HOT DOG lover like me, you need to check it out THIS weekend!

Between the Bun
4701 E. 3rd Street
Los Angeled CA 90022

TEL 323 604-0200
He does phone orders so orders your while your one the way!

WARNING! 3rd Street is undergoing serious road work so parking is a bitch. Neighborhood parking is available but it's easier to park at the strip mall at the corner of Arizona and 3rd.

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  1. Good call. Went tonight about 6pm on your rec. Parking and location is terrible because of the street construction. We were the only ones there. I'm sure it hurts their business because there is no legal parking in front and they don't have a parking lot.

    Not sure if they're going to make it in that neighborhood charging $3.59 for a chili cheese hot dog or $3.29 for a plain hot dog. That's more expensive than Tommy's and The Stand for a plain hot dog. The Stand Chili dog is $3.95,but comes with their home made chips. We had the "combo" $5.49-chili cheese dog, fries and 16oz refillable soda.

    Saw a line up of people down the street at this Lupes that claims 12 different kinds of burritos and a few blocks further away King Taco was doing a brisk business.

    Hot dog was only 6" long but came in a non-hot dog bun, like a French roll. Good meaty-spicy chili. Whoever makes the hot dog for them's the same hot dog that the Original Tommy's uses now(Tommy's must use the 8" hot dog). Name of the company escapes me, but begins with a "C" (same company that Trader Joe's uses for their sausages). Its got a snap to it, but it isn't a natural casing hot dog, but skinless (I looked very carefully-no casing).

    Other thing I thought was strange was the sign said "Grand Opening" and below it said "voted best hot dogs". Don't know how they can make that claim unless that hot dog is served somewhere else and "voted best hot dog" by who?

    1. monku, I talked to the owner and IT is the same dog from Tommy's, Trader Joe's and one more I can't think of. Appeartently he has a family connection directly to the maker.

      I'm surprised that I forgot to check for the casing, yet it does have a good snap and is a juicy dog.
      You can order the dog with the classis bun, only recommended if you like to get your hands messy.

      It has been open for only two months and seems to be doing brisk business on the off peak hours. I went there after noon, one person was already there and by the time I finished ordering two more people came in. The busiest time looks to be the weekend, I'm heading there today to try another, this time a classic, relish, mustard, kecthup and onions.

      I do beleive this place will be around for awhile. The quality is WAY better than anything in the area. Yeah, it's a little high but you do get filled up with a combo. Road work should be done in a couple months, then there will be plenty of street parking or in the neighborhood.

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      1. re: nrique

        Do I know my dogs or what? The dogs they use aren't natural casing. I noticed it immediately when Tommy's changed. The Stand dogs aren't natural casing either, but I don't think its the same company because these hot dogs are a little darker in color than the ones at The Stand. Between the Bun should go to the larger 8" hot dog at those prices.

        Personally I like natural casing dogs like they have at Weiner Factory, Cronies, Pinks, Cupids or Carneys.

        Many places and I suspect Between the Bun use the Dolores Chili Brick which you can purchase on your own at places like Smart & Final to make you're own chli dogs at home. Nothing wrong with it, its great chili for chili dogs(comes frozen and you use what you want).

        1. re: monku

          Correction...Went to The Stand tonight for their $1 Hot Dog night(after 5pm) and they are the same hot dogs they use at Between the Bun, Tommy's and sell at Trader Joe's except they're using what I think is a 7" hot dog(didn't have a ruler...but longer than the span between my thumb and index finger). You really can't beat The Stand on Monday nights for $1 for most hot dogs and $2.50 for something like their loaded dogs (chili-cheese). You can have their hot dogs steamed or grilled and plain bun or a really nice soft poppy seed bun.

        2. re: nrique


          Do you know how late they are open... I get out school at 8 and SO wants me stop by after...


        3. Tommy's question:

          When did Tommy's change their casing and do they use the same dogs at every location?

          Santa Monica is my home Tommy's and I'm jonesing for a dog ...

          Thanks ...

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          1. re: PaulF

            Tommy's changed their hot dog 2 or 3 years ago. There is no natural casing...its skinless. After all the chili, onions, mustard and pickles they put on you can't really tell what the hot dog is....maybe that's why they changed vendors.

          2. Dommy, give them a call . . . the owner is a real nice guy. Phone number is there on top!

            I too like my dogs with the casing, although this dog is good I still have to try my dog at Chroni's. Then I'll be able to make a final judgement on who's is best. But I prefer the smaller dog, the classic is easier to eat and going thru two dogs instead of one makes me feel that much fuller. ;)

            As for the chili - it all homemade at this place.

            Wonder if Steve Doggie Dog is ever going to try this place? Seems he only goes to the west side joints.

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            1. re: nrique

              I'll wait till the construction clears up. I avoid long waddles from the car to the dog. Are they open late?

              The Stand does have natural casings. It's just a very light casing, like the one at Skooby's. Is Papa Cantelli the brand you were trying to think of? They're good, but unless they come out of the steamer just right, they don't snap.

              Carney's has the best dogmeat. I like the Ralph's dollar dogs too. Wish I knew who made those.

              Steve Doggie-Dogg

              1. re: stevedoggiedogg

                That's the name Cantelli. I was going to make a special stop at Trader Joe's tomorrow to check for my own sanity.

                I looked very carefully at every other bite I took and didn't notice any casing. Its definitely the same dog as Tommy's and The Stand. Tommy's posts that they serve Cantelli.

                1. re: monku

                  You guys were close but it's actually Cantella's and yes, I agree: TOMMY'S dogs were much better with the snap.

                  Thanks for the tip on BETWEEN THE BUN.

                  1. re: Kris P Pata

                    Thanks...I knew it was "Can" something. Yes, thats definitely the name I was trying to remember "CANTELLA" !!!
                    It was close an "a" instead of an "i".

                    Maybe that Papa Cantelli has a thin casing, but this Cantella definitely does not. Maybe Papa Cantelli is an offshoot company of Cantella or visa versa.

                    Again...kind of a bold claim for Between the Bun to make "voted best hot dog" when they've only been open two months. Again kind of pricey even for a hot dog.

                2. re: stevedoggiedogg

                  Papa Cantella and Cantella Sausage are the same companies out of Vernon.


                    1. re: 2chez mike

                      Every once in awhile Ralphs will have a charity event outside on of thier markets. They sell these KILLER dogs for a dollar and soda for .50 cents. Not much on the condiments but the dogs are best eaten without them.
                      It's been years since I last seen one of these, I think it was at a store opening.

                      1. re: 2chez mike

                        Just some of the best dogs you can get. They sell them in the meat section (nestled right in with the beef and pork). Under the PS (Private Select(?) label. Super fantastic!

                  1. The original comment has been removed