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Oct 20, 2006 09:53 PM

Mesa Grill

Has anyone been? Is it worth going to celebrate husbands birthday?

Thanks everyone

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  1. I like it...good service and food, nice room. Not head and shoulders above other places, but still very good.

    My preference is Gramercy Tavern....

    1. Mesa Grill, to me, is a fad that should have been over about a decade ago. Much better places within spitting distance: Gramercy Tavern, Gotham Bar and Grill, Veritas, Tocqueville, Tabla, Eleven Madison, Craft even (and I hate Craft).

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        I agree with diropstim. Mesa Grill has seen it's day. I have not been there in about 2 years, but I remember how the service was way off, and the food was ok. Nothing that stands out in my mind. This certainly is not a place where I say to my husband, let's go, I'm craving Mesa Grill. Never.

        Definately try Eleven Madison Park. It is superb! Especially for your husband's birthday. It is a way much higher caliber of a restaurant. I have eaten there about 4 times now since the summer. (As a matter of fact, I went there all based on another perosn who posts on this board. And she was so right! It is one of our new favorites!)

        Wherever you go, have a good time!

      2. I think that all posts here that compare Mesa Grill to Grammercy Tavern, EMP, etc. are missing the point.

        I love those places too, and I know that Mesa isn't as high quality of a restaurant, but it's niche cuisine. I think that it's still the best outlet for Flay's 50-spice-rubbed corn-crusted chile-chipotle-charred whatevers. If that's the sort of stuff that you're craving, then a trip to Mesa Grill is worth it.

        The service, while usually fine, is spotty.

        1. Had a perfectly fine meal here a few months back. I don't think it's "seen it's day" and agree, that it is niche cuisine. If you enjoy BF's type of food, you will enjoy your meal here. The night we went, service was great, the meal was very enjoyable. We knew what we were coming for, we were not expecting an Eleven Madison Park experience. It's fun, lively and if your husband wants to eat there, that's all that matters.

          Here is the link to my review:

          Let us know if you go and what your opinion was.

          1. Love Mesa Grill! I'm a big Bobby Flay fan: think everything is consistently delicious. And don't forget the margaritas...