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Oct 20, 2006 09:41 PM

Steak Tartare

I'm craving steak tartare. I want it to be delicious and be so big that I'll laugh trying to finish it. Esoteric and random spots are encouraged. I'm thinking about Payard, Steak Frites, Balthazar?

Thanks again!

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  1. some of the better that I've had recently.....Blue Ribbon...Bette (ask for the entree portion..superb!).....360 (it was a call ahead)

    1. Le Bilboquet's is pretty damn good.

      1. Balthazar has quite the delicious tartare (in both app and entree portions.Trust me, get the app--- it's so frickin' rich that I normally split the app with another hound and am still satisfied with the portion. Plus, this leaves room for the best oysters and frites in the city, and I defy any and all to contradict me on either of those assertions).
        One caveat:well, two, actually: One: the tartare is pre-mixed in the kitchen, not tableside, and two: the meat is ground, rather than brunoised, so it's likely sirloin, strip and Cote de boeuf scraps, not tenderloin. And the mouthfeel is definitely not quite what it should be. Oh, and three: no raw egg yolk, unless it's already been ground in there, which is a real possibility. I mean, something in there is riching it out. So overall I guess I'd give Balth's tartare a 7.5.
        For the whole diced, tableside shebang go to Employees Only on Hudson street near Bleecker. And the quintissential, archetypal ur-mother of all tartares continues to reside, as ever, at the 21 club. But now you're talking serious scratch.

        1. I had one at Père Pinard, on the lower east side, and it was made at the table. It was really good and not too expensive. The terrace in the back of the restaurant is quite nice. Y9ou go there when it is not too hot outside because with the kitchen, it gets quite hot inside the restaurant...and also quite noisy! The wine is not too expensive.

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            ^ i second that, its my usual tartare spot. i also get my tartare at FLEA MARKET too fairly regularly, but its made up back in the kitchen. both are good and rather inexpensive choices in the les/ev.

          2. I don't eat meat, so I can't personally comment. But friends had it at Employees Only and I thought it looked interesting.....they liked it.