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Oct 20, 2006 09:08 PM


Has anyone tried this place for lunch? I always thought they only did catering but was happily surprised to find out that they actually serve lunch in their cafe during the week. Not open on the weekends though, unfortunately.

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  1. last i heard my mom had gone in, and there was no air conditioning.......but the food was alright.....

    1. Have not been for lunch in a few years, but I remember their sandwiches being really good. They have a lingonberry cream cheese that really enhances the flavors. I believe there is an outside area in back where you can sit under a big tree.

      1. Yes, when I ate there for a work going away party, we ate out back. Very peaceful and fairly quiet. It was nice. I can't remember the food but if was bad I'd remember, so I'm sure it was good, at least :)

        1. They still serve excellent lunches in that incredible gardean area behind the storefront/kitchen. I'm a big fan of the 3 salad lunch special. They always have several good salads or vegetables and either a tuna or egg salad daily. Soups are good and so are the sandwiches. They also have quiche often. Good fresh ingredients, presented simply. A winning comgination for me. They do run out of items later in the afternoon. The center piece of the garden is that incredible camphor tree. Manicured lovingly.